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September 1984 News

30 September, 1984
The Unforgettable Fire has a lot to live up to - and it's this listener's verdict that it does so, unequivocally...
30 September, 1984
Blessed are the music makers: a truly unique guitarist, a fiery vocalist, and a rhythm section that can do just ...
30 September, 1984
This is not a 'bad' album, but neither is it the irrefutable beauty the band's fans anticipated...
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New Comments

23 March, 2017
1987...2017...still THE most beautiful s
My heart can hardly withstand the wait...see you fellas at the Rose Bowl.
23 March, 2017
Todd VB
seeing u2 for the 12th time in 17 years!!!!! see you in Toronto!!! :):)
23 March, 2017
Love this
I love this mix of Red Hill Mining Town. Sounds exciting.