'I change the lyrics all the time. Not just because I don't remember the original ones [laughs], but because I felt the first ones were just sketches a lot of the time. I'm proud of the thoughts behind the material, but sometimes not the expression of the language. So I do change all the time...'
Bono and Edge have been speaking with NPR's Steve Inskeep about ‘the mythic America and the real America’  and about 'the mood The Joshua Tree was made to capture.’
Follow this link to read more of their conversation and hit the audio button below to hear the radio version.


23 March, 2017
,,.. great album .. I miss the real U2.. talking about u2.. I think in coldplay sometimes .. and who could take the place of u2 in these New days... coldplay can't they went for the money and really bad commercial music.. coldplay fall apart so quickly.. money first.. music at the end.. poor couldplay.. they lost their way very very quickly.. u2.. is a very different history.. now....let's hope U2 can really get back,, to where thet left in 1997.. POP.. such a great album.. very underrated.. I think that POP is fir the yeat.. 2200,, and so on.. so advanced.. waiting for Songs of Experience.. =) ..
22 March, 2017
original of the species
I love that song and hope that you will play it on your tour, though not a Joshua Album song and wondering too if you are speaking of the soul/spiritual evolution of mankind or the solely the scientific view or a combination? for me a combination is the only thing that makes sense...right?
20 March, 2017
Zabriskie Point ~ Widescreen.
That Anton Corbijn photograph is one of the most beautiful in the history of the naked eye. It deserves to be bigger!
20 March, 2017
Ronald Reagan mural
Love the interview but does anyone know where I can find a picture of the Ronald Reagan mural they say inspired Bullet the Blue Sky? Would love to see it!
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