The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Houston, TX, US
NRG Stadium
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11 April, 2017
Coming from Down Under (New Zealand)
I grew up with U2 - in the torment of my teens I used to scream inside "you think you have the answers, but it's the questions you have wrong" whenever some well meaning adult tried to help. In my adult years songs like 'Wake Up Dead Man', 'One' and 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own' have been my crutches in the dark hours of divorce and loneliness, while songs like 'Beautiful Day' and 'Love and Peace' have inspired me to think of others. And Kite always makes me stop, think and be grateful. I made the trip to Red Rocks a few years back, just to stand on the stage that was etched into my mind as a young kiwi watching on a VHS, and am excited to see the guys in Houston in 2017. Being a kiwi, and with One Tree Hill from the Joshua Tree album, I am hoping to hear it live again (outside of NZ this time). Also, Bullet in the Blue Sky will be awesome in the current climate. Super excited for the trip (followed by a few days in New Orleans soaking up some blues and jazz!). Can't wait!
03 April, 2017
As a child...
My mother rolled the window down, stuck one foot on the dash, and waved her arm out into the open air. She would sing, loudly, With or Without You, One Tree Hill... from the middle van seat, One of her five children, I studied her as she sang aloud. I wanted to become like my mother. These songs my father drummed into the steering wheel, his hands in perfect time with Larry's on Trio Through Your Wires and Where the Streets have no Name. I grew up to this album, this band a central soundtrack to my childhood. When my mother died 11 years ago from the poison of alcohol in her veins, we played with or without you as one last song to remember her by when we laid her to rest on a cold, steel table. I will likely cry at the start of every one of these songs. We are driving from San Antonio - an expense of money and time so well worth it. To the Band - thank you. For your dedication to this art, and for letting us grow up with you alongside as the music for our lives.
16 March, 2017
I was 15 when the JT album was released and I heard it up and down, so great to make it happen again and coming with my wife to the Houston Show from Nicaragua, It took me a while to come up with my favorite playlist for Houston, they have tons of music and they are the biggest band in the world, but the real thing is their friendship, these four guys from Mount Temple High School are still together! Playlist U2 Houston NRG Center 24.05.2017 Openers 11 o clock Tick Until the end of the Heartland Bono addressing Trump, Brexit & and what it’s all about the JTT 2017 Where the Streets have no Name (all JT songs performed as in the 87’ tour) I will follow Trip through your wires I still haven’t found what I am looking for Red Hill Mining town Gloria Running to stand still Exit In God’s Country Silver and Gold One Tree Hill Bad Mothers of the disappeared Encore I With or without you When love comes to town Pride (In the name of Love) One, Stay (Faraway So close!) snippet Bono addressing migrants issues, Trump build the wall while thousands of Central Americans still fleeing violence, injustice and poverty to run into the arms of America Bullet the blue sky Encore II New year’s Day City of Blinding Lights 40
05 February, 2017
U2/Lone Justice
Saw U2/Lone Justice in Houston in 1987 - 2nd row - with a dear high school friend...while another group of friends were behind the stage. Tickets were $25. This year we're all on the floor...thanks for making this happen.
17 January, 2017
I was finally able to purchase tickets to see U2. I am so excited for the Joshua Tree tour!
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