The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Dallas, TX, US
AT&T Stadium with The Lumineers

Coming to The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas?

Take photos, post your comments, snap selfies, upload video. We’ll add them to our rolling live coverage during the show day. Folllow this coverage below, from the build up to the end of the show for the entire day the show is happening.

Just use #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 when uploading to the social networks and watch the feed below as we highlight the great content coming direct from fans at the show – on show day.

After the show, post your own reviews and your own comments below.

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Showday. The Rose Bowl. Los Angeles. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017


25 May, 2017
30 Years Ago
My 1st U2 show, April 10, 1987 in Las Cruces NM. Missed some tours, then we got Elevated in Phoenix, April 28, 2001. Raised a family and missed some more tours. After Bono recup'd from his back surgery, 360º in Denver, May 21, 2011. Brought our two girls to this one, and apologized afterward for ruining every concert they would ever see in their future. But I was wrong, we'll see you in Dallas with the girls and their "boys." I bet it equals or tops 360º, because the closer we get to that place high on a desert plain, the better we get.
25 May, 2017
I Will Follow
please please please play I WILL FOLLOW in Dallas
23 May, 2017
A Sort of A Homecoming
I will make this trip in honor and remembrance to one of best guitarists and biggest U2 and Cowobys fans I've ever met ... David Adams. We miss you and remember you Shredder Dave.
12 May, 2017
U2 on Bob Dylan's birthday!!!
My father was a huge Dylan fan. Sometimes I think I'm so in love with music because my parents grow me with their own special soundtrack. My huge love is U2 and I've always felt a great connection with my dad everytime we talked about music, and some special feeling was in the air every time we listened to U2 covering a Bob Dylan's song. Things turned magic whenever we listened to U2 or Bono playing or singing WITH Bob! This said, as my father died two years ago, I've been missing so much those special moments. And my heart jumped in my throat when I realized that I was really really going to attend a U2 show on Bon Dylan's birthday. I really really hope that the band will celebrate this event with a Dylan song. My dad will appreciate from wherever he is now. And I will feel to be in connection with him once again.
11 May, 2017
5th Show and Counting!
My first show was Popmart in San Antone, Horizon & Vertigo at AA in Dallas, and U2360 at ATT Stadium. I am blessed and fortunate to say that I again will be at Jerry's casa for the one show that got away Nov 87 in Austin (circa... still in high school in south Texas). To all the countless U2 greatest of fans out there, I will be with 80,000+ of you on May 26. Cheers!
08 May, 2017
11th show for me
and 5th time overall seeing them in Dallas, second in Jerryworld. Can't wait!!!
06 May, 2017
I cannot wait to see you guys at the end of the month. I am so Stoke. I bought these tickets as a graduation present to myself. See you in Dallas, Texas!
27 April, 2017
Very excited to see U2 for the first time after falling in love with them watching the Red Rock concert on MTV in the 80's. One question though...why no Denver date?
13 January, 2017
I got my FOUR on the floor!!!! Cannot wait to see them again
12 January, 2017
I never thought this moment will ever come. Finally got floor tickets, can wait. See you soon
11 January, 2017
Got my tickets!
Bring on The Dalton Brothers!
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