The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Tampa, FL, US
Raymond James Stadium
Show Report
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25 May, 2017
Awesome Birthday Present To Me!!.. U2 co
Thanks guys for making the concert in Tampa,Fl on my birthday.. Here's hoping Bono or Edge reads this and will get band and crowd singing Happy Birthday- or at least say an Irish birthday toast or blessing at the show
25 May, 2017
Travelling from Brazil just for the conc
Great opportunity and high expectation. See you soon.
29 April, 2017
Last time was 2009 @ Chicago
Can´t wait to see you guys! Last time we saw you was on Soldier Field during 360° Tour... It really hurts to miss ieTour... Things has been a little hard over the past 3 years or so... I feel numb right many things on my head! I can't find my way... I'm talking like is the end of the world.... See you soon guys!
27 April, 2017
Please close the show with "40"!!!! It would be the perfect ending!
18 April, 2017
Great Expectations!
I'm traveling from Lima-Peru just for the show. I'm pretty sure it will fulfill my expectations. Dudes, please do not disappoint me!!!...sing the oldies!!!
28 March, 2017
8 years ago
My family and I was there in Tampa on the 360* tour in Oct. 2009. I can't wait to see them again. Will update after the Show.
19 February, 2017
It's a beautiful week!!!
We are flying from Brazil to see the Miami show on 6/11 and then we will see this show in Tampa 3 days later!!! Maybe U2 will travel to Brazil later and we can see them there too!!
16 February, 2017
A Perfect Day
So excited about the show on 6/14! U2 is my boyfriend's all time favorite band. We're getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando on the morning of 6/14/2017, and I will be walking down the aisle to "All I Need Is You". After the reception, we're heading to Tampa for the show. Thank you U2 for giving us a perfect wedding day! ❤
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