The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Dublin, IE / Croke Park
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21 July, 2017
How Lucky
Big day the 22nd of July, me and my lady watch them for the first time in their hometown. Go Guys, we are so looking forward to tomorrow!!
20 July, 2017
Glasgow Boy comin' to Dublin town
I was at Twickenham a couple of weeks ago, and that was Brilliant. So looking forward to Dublin! Fly out from Glasgow on Saturday morning. I love U2!
20 July, 2017
From Cartagena to Dublin. A dream come true...
20 July, 2017
Would love to see Christy Dignam sing Pa
1st U2 concert was Unforgettable Fire in Croke park in 1985 - seen every tour since! Hope to see Christy D. sing the Pavarotti bit in Miss Sarajevo.... Roll on Saturday!
19 July, 2017
I have an extra ticket - Croke Park
Great show in Houston. Looking forward to seeing them for the first time in Dublin. I have one spare ticket in the Pitch 2 Standing area. Let me know if you are interested.
19 July, 2017
U2 crew
Ok, I'm ready with my family for my first show in Dublin.....
18 July, 2017
Cant Wait for Croke Park 2017
Right nearly there and can't contain myself! Have been to every gig since 1985 and have travelled a few places to see them Amsterdam, London, New York and my home city Dublin Use to do a lot of work for U2 over the years including off loading equipment into Edges Studio many years ago, also use to off load their touring gear and lift into hanover quay warehouse also many years ago. Also supplied forklift trucks for Croke park gigs back in the 80's and receive complimentary tickets, many memories of them drinking in the Dockers Pub on the quays, many super memories and have loved this band since. Roll on Croke Park Saturday!!!
17 July, 2017
Pre show party
I'll be in Dublin on the Thursday before the show. I'll look around for a good pub or bar near Croke Park for some pre show cheer. I'll post any ideas here, if anyone's interested.
13 July, 2017
The Best 50th Birthday Band Ever!!!
30 Years ago, I saw U2 in Croke Park for the first time during The Joshua Tree tour and have seen every U2 tour since.I can't believe I will have U2 playing for my 50th birthday.. the best birthday gift ever.. Roll on JULY 22nd :-)
11 July, 2017
Joshua Tree Rehearsals
I was just a kid working a spotlight in Long Island, NY for the U2 Joshua Tree rehearsals.... Been a true fan ever since..... Seeing the show 30 years later in Dublin will be a lifelong memory of seeing one of my favorite bands.....
10 July, 2017
3 Generations
Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin! I attended the shows at Arizona State 30 years ago for the Rattle and Hum film. it was yesterday I am coming from Wisconsin and bringing not only my children but also my have three generations represented at the show on the 22nd will be an amazing experience......definitely a show we will all remember forever.
10 July, 2017
From Twickenham to Croke Park
After watching U2 at Twickenham on Saturday night... I seriously can't wait to see them in Dublin!
09 July, 2017
Miami in Ireland
Thank you MTV for introducing U2 to me back in the early 80's, since then I have been fortunate enough to have seen them many times but nothing will come close to the up coming show in Dublin. My Wife and 8 year old son Joshua, name respectably after the album are counting down the days.
09 July, 2017
More TREE time
NZ to Dublin take 2 Gabran on the move again, 40 thousand rivets flying in Collect 58,000 km of flight time to see the lads... And join the mad ones from across these continents for a sing along And reminisce and create new memories in mind and crowds Loved The Rosebowl Tree
08 July, 2017
My 40th....U2s 30th
2 weeks today will be home to Croke park,Dublin to celebrate not only U2s 30th anniversary of the Joshua Tree album which has always been my favourite album since a little girl of the age of 11....I got tickets on my 40th Birthday from all my family and it was the best birthday present ever to receive on my birthday....but what will be even better will be able to celebrate like a.'party girl' with the boys getting excited now 2 weeks today see you guys for a fantastic party 22nd july love you guys
03 July, 2017
On to Dublin!
I have just returned to Kentucky from the Cleveland, Ohio show and now gearing up for the trip to Dublin next week. I am very excited to fulfill my dream trip of seeing U2 perform in Ireland. My wife and I will tour the Emerald Isle for the week prior to the concert and cannot wait to get there. After seeing the Cleveland show I can only imagine the energy and excitement that will be on display in Croke Park. I agree with J. Seibert, a pre U2 party is a fantastic idea. See you on the 22nd!
01 July, 2017
My 20 year self is beyond excited
30 years ago, I slept outside for U2 tickets, when you had to be at a Ticketmaster location to actually buy hard tickets. Gave 1 ticket to the guy I was dating, and he actually went without me, I got stood up. If you would of told my 20 year old self, "It's okay. You're gonna get to go, but it will be 30 years...and the amazing thing will see them in Ireland...with your husband and kids." I am beyond thrilled for the 7/22 show, and so excited to share this experience with my family. It literally is a 30 year dream come true! And that guy from your heart out!
21 June, 2017
Bucket list
First album I've ever listened to was Joshua Tree when I was 13yrs old, now I'm taking my son (16) to see them in Dublin traveling from Phoenix
21 June, 2017
Can't wait
From Holland to Dublin, 2 years ago at openings night in vancouver as well. after dublin concert this year 29 and 30 juli again in Amsterdam! Addicted to love! Thank you!
19 June, 2017
Off the Bucket List
I have seen U2 many a times and thirty years have passed too fast. I have always wanted to see them perform in their hometown so me and the nephew are there 22nd July flying from NY and Texas to see the most amazing band. CAN'T WAIT!!!
18 June, 2017
Traveling from Canada's west coast to Ir
I saw the original Joshua Tree show in Vancouver 30 years ago. I think it was a late addition to the tour schedule, a last minute booking. I would never have thought I'd see them kick off a 30th reunion tour in the same building. I certainly didn't think I"d be seeing them a few weeks later in their hometown. Definitely a dream come true. I think J. Seibert is on to something. It would be fun to meet for a party before the show!
07 June, 2017
Christy Dignam on stage
Dreaming that Christy Dignam will be on stage singing "This is" with Bono. What a big surprise would it be.
06 June, 2017
Seeing the boys again in Dublin
I've seen U2 around 25 times. Saw them 3 times on their original tour in the states. Have seen them 6 times in Ireland. For all those traveling to see them in Ireland be prepared! U2 is great wherever they play but you will not find a better crowd anywhere in the world! Looking forward to it (and a few scoops of the black stuff!)
03 June, 2017
My wife and I are traveling to Dublin to the concert with our three sons, Jared, Ryan and Connor. It is their graduation gift. A Lawyer, Doctor (to be)and Writer (to be). They were not born when this album came out, yet they grew up with it!!! The trip will be a fantastic family adventure before everyone gets busy with following their dreams. The boys are 26, 23, and 22 and are into this trip/concert big time. Small town Canada comes to Ireland.
02 June, 2017
coming to Ireland from the U.S
Hey Everyone, I see a lot of people are coming to Ireland from the U.S. Me also!!! Been #1 on my bucket list since U2 broke out to see them in Ireland!! I got to see them already here in Santa Clara, CA. Amazing show!!! Find me on Facebook. Maybe we can all get together for a U2 pre-concert party!!! Jim Seibert - Orangevale, CA
02 June, 2017
From Mexico
I can't wait and neither believe it !!! See you in a couple of months all the way from Mexico just to attend the show!!
25 May, 2017
A dream becoming reality
It has always been my dream to see u2 live in their hometown!!On the 22nd July it becomes a reality!!!
21 May, 2017
A dream come true!
Coming from the USA to see U2 play in Dublin!!! I will be able to cross this off my bucket list!! So excited to see you play in Dublin!! I have seen you play 3 times in the states. Seeing you in Ireland will be such an honor! Can't wait!!
18 May, 2017
Dublin again!!
This 22nd July will be our second time we see U2 live in Croke Park from Spain. First time in 2009, the ambient in the city was amazing. Hope next will be the same or even better. U2 go home
16 May, 2017
Counting the days
Counting the days till we get to see u2 in Croke park, my ultimate dream come true.....
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