The Unforgettable Fire
01 October, 1984 5
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The Unforgettable Fire was U2's first studio collaboration with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. There were several significant re-issues including one in October 1996 as part of the Island Master series and one as part of the MFSL Ultradisc series in both the 12" vinyl and 5" CD formats with a slightly longer version of 4th Of July. Other unusual releases from around the world included a Mexican release on the Bertelsmann label as part of the Rockollector series. And, in Australia, the 12" vinyl version was packaged with a bonus stickered 12" of Two Hearts Beat As One (extended)/New Year's Day (edited Version)/Two Hearts Beat As One (4.24).

The album peaked at No.1 on both the UK and Australian album charts. In the US, it peaked at No.12 on the album charts and No.39 on the Top Pop Catalog Albums chart. The album was certified multi-platinum by the RIAA with 3 million units sold. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, The Unforgettable Fire reached No.24 on the album charts and stayed in the charts a total of 3 weeks. It was also selected as Best Album at Ireland's Music Industry Awards and in the Hot Press Reader's Poll, it was voted the No. 1 album by readers.

Production Credits Produced and Engineered: Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois Additional Engineering: Kevin Killen Studio: Ireland: Slane Castle, Co. Meath and Windmill Lane, Dublin

Release Date:
01 October, 1984
Produced By:
Produced and Engineered: Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois
Additional Engineering: Kevin Killen
Island Records
Recorded At:
Studio: Ireland: Slane Castle, Co. Meath and Windmill Lane, Dublin
The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire

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'The Unforgettable Fire was a beautifully out-of-focus record, blurred like an impressionist painting, very unlike a billboard or an advertising slogan. ...... In America there was such a backlash when we put out The Unforgettable Fire. People thought we were the future of rock'n'roll and they went, 'What are you doin' with this doggone hippie Eno album?'
'We owe Eno and Lanois so much for seeing through to the heart of U2.'
Bono, 1987


17 September, 2019
Love it
This album, and their 2nd album "October" are masterpieces and their best albums. Yes, better than "War" and "Joshua Tree" As a fan since 1979,These albums define U2. I just wish they had played more of the work live over the years. Maybe on the final tour? Hope so!
30 October, 2014
Beautiful sound
An impressionist painting by the doggone hippie Eno? Ha..ha.. Well, I love it! …and if the mountains should crumble Or disappear into the sea Not a tear, no not I.
03 October, 2012
The albume the unforgettable fire Got me hooked to u2. The song named after the album might have been the main reason for my love of this group of mysterious lads.
29 August, 2012
The Unforgettable Fire, to me
Unforgettable Fire album, to me. Unforgettable Fire' Album, this is the band and their fourth album. ' Sleep sleep tonight and may your dreams be realised (MLK),it is shadow and light, 'Coca-cola, football radio, radio, radio, radio, radio, radio.' (Promenade) offset in evidence. Sweet guitar sound, thougtful rithme of bass guitar, drums in prompt research. ' Pride'! ,there is a strong go up and echoes of fightings, and drums underlines this with a tough beat,' One man comes in the name of love' and rebellion bursts ''Throw your life away Such a nice day Let it go( Wire). ' If I could, yes I would' ( Bad), tones are softly lowered, sometimes, nuances are enriched and the way is found back ' I am wide awake ( Bad) ,'Sky, it's a blue sky ( Indian Summer Sky). 'And still we run, we run and don't look back' ( a sort of homecoming). In this album with a foot forward there are specific enviroments with special carpets of sounds just like in ' Elvis Presley and America', The Unforgettable Fire' and 4th of July.'Stay this time, stay tonight in a lie. Ever after is a long time.' ( The Unforgettable Fire). Also in this remastered album there are songs not previously released , ' Disappearing act' ,with a singular construction of the song, voice and guitar that seems so distant, amazing wise lyrics and ' Yoshino Blossom'. A 21th century song.
24 January, 2011
My 1st concert-ever!
This show started a life-long passion for concert going! I saw it in Pittsburgh, PA-it was so incredible! I loved A Sort of Homecoming!!!!!! Thanks U2!!!
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