In the car on the way to Friday morning's surprise gig, Bono and Edge are talking arrangements with 'the legendary Bob Ezrin'. It's morning in New York, the city looks beautiful along the Hudson, it's the end of 'an amazing week' and all Bono wants to know is, 'How did we get up this early?'


29 March, 2009
New York, New York
Voices on the cellphone, voices from home...
24 March, 2009
Fordham Luvs U2
As a Fordham grad who saw you guys for the first time when I was a student (who skipped classes to sleep outside a box office to get tickets, no less), I am SO thrilled you played on campus. Wish I had held onto my student ID to sneak in the gates... but watched the show on ABC. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see the tour.
24 March, 2009
U2, you guys are legends
U2, its just so great to hear you are coming to Zagreb, you guys are the best..:)
24 March, 2009
can't wait to see my boys!
Just recently lost my job like many others. Not worried because U2 are on tour again and I feel everything will be OK ! Brilliant album ! I can't stop playing it ! C ya in DC ! That's with a "Washington" before it. :) Anybody need a kidney in exchange for a ticket?
18 March, 2009
Magnificent "Magnifico Album"
From the firts son to the last songs u2 is magnificent the second single is i good choice but if i have to choice i pick the next song I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight thank you u2 for new songs
18 March, 2009
Just Like Being There
How cool are these diaries!! It's just like being in the car with Bono and whoever else is along for ride. Just love it......Thx!!!!
18 March, 2009
good, good.
"Who gets up early gets everything". -someone said that dont remember-
15 March, 2009
thank you once again for honoring the bronx and the latin community. looking forward to seeing u2 at the "new yankee stadium" Hello, Hello, Hola!!!!
14 March, 2009
with my compadre THE EDGE ¡¡¡
What a great video¡¡¡ as always Bono and The Edge talking and hanging out like buddies and going for a cup of coffee. jajaja great i love to watch these videos¡¡¡¡
14 March, 2009
stars diaries:)
idea with the video - an unexpected move! how did you guys manage to do simple things such amazing! This may shock because of the author - Bono? ... 
13 March, 2009
Hi Boys
Hi Boys Love the Dave Letterman Last week Love the show Bono hope to see you all in Dublin in July 09I see you Have gone no 1 in 30 countys Good Work Boys.Good Luck on your New TourLove Frances from Tralee in
Miriam Jonker
10 March, 2009
New York, next stop... Amsterdam!!
Thanks for the updates. I was able to get tickets for the Amsterdam concert and am super excited. A loyal fan from the Netherlands Antilles!
10 March, 2009
The Smurf
Best part ofthe entire clip, the wide eyed office who is wondering why am I on camera as he says hi. Harken's back to a moment when bono walked into the edge's room at 730 am and bono says your going to be famous. Edge retorted, I DONT WANT TO BE ON TV, YOU DO!!!!
09 March, 2009
Loving these video diaries!
Hope these continue for some time...and get released on the next Live DVD!
08 March, 2009
Bumpy ride!
Hi Bono (and the other ladds), In your first (Manhattan) video you mentioned that it is going to be a bumpy ride!  Well this early morning ride surely shows that! But more than that: What an amazing album you have produced: an Artwork, one of its kind. And I really enjoyed the visionary footage of Anton Corbijn ( the fifth candle on the cake in that truly ' Magnificent'  luxuary CD box). What a phantastic motorcycle journey through time and scapes, built on your lyrics and musical frame. 
08 March, 2009
Bono the journalist
Hi Bono! Ok - you're on the right track, you ALMOST interviewed The Edge, and now I actually have some hope for this video Diary thing. Take it to the next level, Singer! I have faith. Maybe an inside scoop on how your guitar playing is coming along... - sigh - Kevin in Springfield, Massachusetts
08 March, 2009
yay i love when bono does these little updates for us, thx!
08 March, 2009
Fordham student
U2 at Fordham. Will never, ever ever get over it. Everyone stayed up all night and slept through classes the next day. I've never seen the campus so excited and so communal. THANKS U2!!!!!!!!!!!
08 March, 2009
Little publicized perk of being in traffic in NYC on a friday morning. Must be nice.
08 March, 2009
Love it!
Please keep these comming! I love hearing from the band like this...Bono thanks for the commentary! By the way, you guys sounded wonderful at 8 AM!
Renas menas
08 March, 2009
So down to earth
I'm a new subscriber and it is so nice to see how a huge group like this is so grounded and greatful for what they do. I am pleasantly surprised. I love the new album. All our love and luck go out to the band.
ramblin rose
08 March, 2009
This is great!
Hey Bono, What time did you go to bed?
08 March, 2009
Good Morning!!!
Bono & EDGE, Too cute for words!!!
08 March, 2009
One more cup of coffee
Great to get insight on the New York adventure,Bono gets better with his mad video skills,even without his morning Java hit.
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