Where did this thing come from ? What does it do ? Who left it here?

Imagine you'd never seen this before. What do you think it could be? (Let us know, below) Seven days and counting until the opening night in Turin.


30 July, 2010
Bono's Hub Microphone
It was specially designed for Bono by Mr. Microphone to project sound and light to the people. Bono left it on the stage while running to the w.c. during rehearsals.
30 July, 2010
..thats all nice, but how about some videos with the u2 boys? =)
30 July, 2010
Is it the bridge that goes over the crowd???
30 July, 2010
Does Ultraviolet come to mind ? Hmmmmm??
30 July, 2010
I think it is the bridge between U2 and their fans. It reminds me somehow of playing in the midfield in a football team. Of course, number 7 comes to mind , like David Beckham or Bastian Schweinsteiger.
30 July, 2010
Stairway to....
A few hours closer to heaven! Is it a carnival ride at your local fair? No! This is the real thing! While you do have your jokers and your ahhhh moments, moments that take your breath away, moments that make you scream....this is true lift off and if you feel woozie it's from the pure joy that one can't feel at the fair. This stairway means the boys are back in town. Time to release your safety belts and enjoy the ride!
30 July, 2010
Willie was here...
That's one of Willie's specialized electronic gadgets that control that 360 degree video screens. Looks like a server that has no cover since it generates, like, a BILLION degrees...
monica martino
30 July, 2010
:P / 2
I meant UV, sorry, F is next to V
monica martino
30 July, 2010
a small ladder to let Bono grab UF mic without risks?
30 July, 2010
hello hello
its a photo of the ramp that goes over the crowd.
30 July, 2010
Bridge of Dreams
is one of two bridges that go from the stage to the catwalk
30 July, 2010
The Bridge
I think that is the bridge, part of the scene that connects the main stage with the circle
30 July, 2010
It is...
It's Edge's spaceship from the future.
30 July, 2010
What is it?
It is the bridge to salvation
30 July, 2010
Rock and roll it does!
30 July, 2010
It looks like some kind of bridge, upfront it begins with steps going up and then the bridge begins....the cylinder type things are the handlebars (don't know the right word, what you hold onto when climbing up)
30 July, 2010
Stage stairs
C'mon guys! These are the stairs that are part of the stage. Bono and co will cross them a lot of times during the concert(s). Can't wait one more week, this will be my 18th U2 concert!
30 July, 2010
bell end
its the bridge!
zuropa fit
30 July, 2010
The Abyss
It's the set of "The Abyss 2" the sequel to the amazing 1989 underwater sci-fi movie. in this sequel, The Edge will play Bud Brigman's (Ed Harris) long lost brother.
30 July, 2010
the bridge connecting the stage to the outer circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 July, 2010
I can not wait
I can not wait to see the boys again last year feels a life time away roll on Paris Nice to see Bono looking fit and well again Good luck Adam ,Edge.Bono and Larry on this leg of the 360 Tour Lin
30 July, 2010
Whats the picture
This is one of the u2 bridges from the stage to the track area.
KT may
30 July, 2010
just a guess..
Maybe it's a PopMartian time machine, aka a bridge to the future!
30 July, 2010
Pun alert!
Looks like the edge(!) of a giant, gold waterwheel.... Brian
30 July, 2010
That's cryptic
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