Twenty years after the release of 'Achtung Baby',  director Davis Guggenheim's documentary 'From The Sky Down' will open the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Guggenheim (Waiting for Superman, An Inconvenient Truth, It Might Get  Loud) charts this groundbreaking album with new interviews, stories and  unseen footage from Berlin and Dublin.  Now a key chapter in their  career, Achtung Baby was, in Bono’s words, 'the sound of four men  chopping down The Joshua Tree'.

'In the terrain of rock bands, implosion or explosion is seemingly  inevitable, ' explains Guggenheim. 'U2 has defied the gravitational pull towards destruction,  this band has endured and thrived. The movie From The Sky Down asks the  question why.'

The Toronto International Film Festival® opens September 8  with the world premiere Gala Presentation of From the Sky Down, the first time in 36 years that the Festival has opened with a documentary.


28 November, 2011
Nothing in this world Compare with U2... From - Bangladesh.
17 October, 2011
I Need Blue Ray and DVD subt spanish,...
I Need Blue Ray and DVD subtitles spanish,...please!! 371.631 habts. Thank!!
09 October, 2011
We want a dvd!!!!! please
08 September, 2011
28 times and waiting
360\'0 was was another opportunity to go enjoy those fellows from Ireland. Twice actually. 28 times I have had the pleasure of a U2 show and one of the great things life offers is anticipation...anticipation of their next tour....
08 September, 2011
Thanks for this new release of achtung babty.It\'s my favourite one.
08 September, 2011
I live in Bs as... Please a dvd soom!!!!!
07 September, 2011
I am really excited to see this film. I\'m confused though. I saw a re release of Achtung but no mention of it being remastered. Why???
06 September, 2011
Congrats to all for opening the Festival with documentary. This is great news guys. Too bad that some of us can not come to Toronto:(((. When do we get to see this master piece somewhere else..? DVD..? Anything..? Lots of love from San Diego, CA
06 September, 2011
Attention Baby
This is going to be incredible! Can\'t wait to see this documentary!
Erica R
28 July, 2011
Would Love To Go To Premier
Hi - I tried to get tickets to the premier in Toronto and it is by "invite only". I would love an invite - how do I get one???
28 July, 2011
Really hpoe this will be a dvd release soon!!!! AB is just amazing!!!!
27 July, 2011
Ready for a great movie
This movie will be an amazing project to celebrate the 20 years jubilee of an album that changed U2;s history so radically. Having moved away from their classic sound as far as they could, U2 truly reinvented themselves creatively and artistically. Instead of rejoicing in ringing guitar notes, the band made us enter a new and exciting musical universe full of noise, gloomy moods, heavy sounds and amazing technology. Listening to it now, the songs seem to be even darker and when U2 play them live in concert they still sound as fresh and contemporary as if they had been written this year. In 1991 this exceptional album was clearly ahead of its time.
26 July, 2011
Cannot wait to see it!!
This has to end up on a dvd....imagine as part of a deluxe Achtung baby remastered release?
26 July, 2011
they deserve the best because, they are the best band of the world! God bless U2!
26 July, 2011
DVD release?
Oooh, is this doc gonna be on DVD sometime soon?? And yayyy, happy 20th, Achtung Baby!
26 July, 2011
The best of the best, RELOADED!!!! : )))
26 July, 2011
cant wait for the new release of achtung baby... woo hoo remastered and new extras
26 July, 2011
Gala Tickets
Are not available to the public. *pout*
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