Ordinary Love, a new song written for the upcoming movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, will be released in a 10-inch vinyl pressing to mark Record Store Day on November 29th. (UK and Ireland release, Monday December 2nd - participating stores here)

The sleeve artwork features a striking painting of Nelson Mandela by Irish artist and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. Oliver, along with Mac Premo,  has also directed a lyric video for Ordinary Love which we'll carry on during November.

The band wrote the new song at the invitation of movie producer Harvey Weinstein  and the b-side of the Record Store Day release will feature a second track, Breathe (Mandela Version).

We'll have copies of the vinyl release up for grabs in a competition next month.

Stay tuned...


05 December, 2013
R.I.P. Mr. Mandela
Received my copy of Ordinary Love today in the mail, turned on the News and heard of his passing at 95 yrs. old, A long walk to freedom indeed, Free at last, We will celebrate your life in song and are forever indebted to you for the legacy you have left us. Thank You!! Mr. Mandela R.I.P.
24 November, 2013
Timely and Timeless
Thanks to the band for once again delivering wonderful music and a beautiful video. As always the band's message is timely and relevant, and its music melodic, hypnotic, and ethereal. The type of love epitomized by Mandela is so simple and ordinary, yet so rare in such a jaded and cynical age. As the US still grapples with endemic and institutional homophobia, I believe this song is an anthem for the Gay Rights movement and yet...its an anthem for the problems plaguing the world over. Transcendent. Haunting. Wonderful. I must have a new album and a new tour!!! God Bless you guys, you've scored my life since I was a 16-year old kid in Long Island, NY watching MTV, mesmerized by "Gloria".
21 November, 2013
"Education is the most powerful weapon w
My 11 years old boys went on the "International Town" field trip today in Denver, CO. As we were leaving, postcards were passed out with this written on the front of them: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela. Love the video.
15 November, 2013
Available in the Netherlands
Each year there seem to be one or more "special releases", but only in the USA... European fans never have a chance to obtain these unless they (we..) are able to pay hundreds of dollars on eBay. I think this is a shame, espacialy because U@ st5arted out in Europe ( Ireland, Holland Germany ....) before they were able to cross they "big puddle" to the US.. So i'd say : No more "USA only" releases ...
15 November, 2013
When will you release Mercy?
12 November, 2013
Available in Ireland?
Is this vinyl release available in Ireland , I heard its a US only release? Anyone know ?
08 November, 2013
MP3 download!!!
The song is absolutely amazing I wish we could hear the whole thing
07 November, 2013 shop
could the shop sell it? apparently, u2 fans all over the world cannot get it, except the states?
06 November, 2013
Anything but Ordinary
Well, the speculation on Ordinary Love is rife, The great U2 machine has done it again, created mass fan hysteria and the promoters will milk it for all its worth. Don,t get me wrong i am a massive U2 fan and love all their songs but its just that - a song - admittedly I anticipate that it will be brilliant as always but just a song all the same. There are and I,m sure Bono would agree more important things going on in the world than whether you are the first to download Ordinary Love or whether you get it on vinyl. Come on folkes, calm down. PS can,t wait to get my copy...
04 November, 2013
Ordinary Love.
Of course it should be available to subscribers! (one copy only, so we dont have to pay £100+ for it on E-Bay!)
04 November, 2013
Fanclub Pre-Order
Please make this available to order on this website for fan club members. It makes sense.
04 November, 2013
MP3 Download for subscribers-only, Now
Now !!!
02 November, 2013
Ordinary Love
I'm with Bryan264... i'm surprised the song isn't available to view with the release so near, and hopefully both songs will be on the Mandela album, as i won't hold out much chance of getting the 'limited edition' Vinyl. But it's great to hear something new, and the snippet sounds infectious!
01 November, 2013
Edge's Picks
Can't get enough of this collection off of "From the Ground Up". "40" carries me out of this life of mine and to that other place.
01 November, 2013
No patience
Having no patience I cannot wait until 29 November. A little bit of info from to advise when we can simply hear the full version of the song would good, their silence is frustrating!!
01 November, 2013
Pre order of vinyl
Pre order of vinyl for europ and FRANCE
31 October, 2013
Larry's Day
Happy Birthday, Larry!
31 October, 2013
Happy birthday larry, you are amaaazzzing. Xxxxxxxx
31 October, 2013
Happy B-day Larry, one of my best drummers. Love you in Side B of The Unforgettable Fire. Love you in all the ones in Raw, Rare and Remastered. Awesome in Breathe and Electric Storm. Thanks to you Sunday is a real hit!!! Thanks for existing in this life...and give us your music.
acthung maybe
31 October, 2013
available in Ireland
Anybody know will this be available in Ireland?
31 October, 2013
Pre order of vinyl
Anyone can help me to pre-order this treasure? I failed on most websites of RSD shops. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.
31 October, 2013
download mp3 to subscribers, Now
download mp3 to subscribers, Now
30 October, 2013
we need the mp3 ¡ a month ? come on U2 share it ¡
30 October, 2013
I managed to pre-order this last night, from :-)
30 October, 2013
Worldwide release
available worldwide or just the States? Also any chance of hearing the song and not just the trailer clip?
30 October, 2013
I'll be travelling in the middle of the Australian outback on Nov 29 (no record stores out there), but as U2 and Mandela are two of my heroes, I'm desperate to get my hands on this vinyl! Anywhere I can order this online??
30 October, 2013
Fantastic Song
Where is the mp3??? Give us the mp3, please ;)
30 October, 2013
My ordinary love for unordinary U2. Love you, you're my soul.
30 October, 2013
Loveeed!!! It had to be U2!!
The history of a person makes the difference to me, when think about the artist. I admire U2, admire Bono's actions and I think he's an example. Thank you, Bono! Thank you, U2! I first loved your songs, then I loved you guys so much more! About Mandela, it had to be with U2, for sure!! We've had angels on Earth and Mandela is one of them! And we have to thank Mandela for coming here, for living in this planet and for doing everything he did! By the way, wanna listen the whole song!! :)) From Brazil, Lilian
30 October, 2013
fantastic, nice artwork on the sleeve too, hoping we get an itunes or mp3 download somewhere too, cant wait to hear the full version.
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