At a dinner in Washington on Wednesday, the US-based Atlantic Council presented its 'Humanitarian Leadership Award' to Bono, for his work with The ONE Campaign and (RED) in mobilizing resources and awareness in fighting disease and extreme poverty in Africa.

Introduced by Senator John McCain, Bono's acceptance speech explored the interdependence of global development and international security.

'Now, I look at John McCain, a former military guy; I look out at this audience; a lot of military past and present, a lot of brass, spit and polish. And I wonder who let the peacenik in?

'I want to answer the question with a question of my own: Who are all the other peaceniks that are in this room and the ones with the stars and bars on their formalwear? You, because I'm talking to you, military men and women, as well as the politicians who've been out there making our argument for us and making it so powerfully: the idea that America has a stake in the ending of extreme poverty. It's an extraordinary thing to see.'

Transcript of Bono's Speech here.

Latest from ONE here.


18 May, 2010
Love you Bono!!!
Like I said, seeing this just put one big smile on my face!!!
17 May, 2010
D. H. Leadership Award
I read your transcript it was brilliant as usual. "When the most powerful nation on earth puts its creativity, its moral purpose, its strategic sensibilities to work, the world shits" powerful stuff. Idea's do have to be reborn and you do have to think anew. So it didn't feel like the Grammies :) Congratulations on your Award, well done.
10 May, 2010
Bono, Happy birthday!!!
Only love can change minds, touch cold hearts and yours is absolutely doing it in the world. You DO make a difference! May God keep blessing your beautiful life. Congratulations!! Best wishes from your fan Vivian Abdalla (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)
10 May, 2010
Happy Birthday Bono ! :)
Hi Bono, my name is Sarah, and I'm with a friend called Inês. We're both 15 years old, we're portuguese, and maybe people think that with our age we would's listen to U2's songs, but we think they're wrong, U2's songs are the best songs in the world. We are your biggest fans, we sing your songs all the time, and we know you've 50 years old now, and you're old enough to be our dad, bue you're so cute :$ we should't say this, bue we will: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WE LOVE YOU BONOO :$
10 May, 2010
Great Discourse
Congratulations man! You're the best, I'm your fan because you speak without fear and speak the things that have to be listened.
08 May, 2010
Great Humanitarian
Congrats on you award and much thanks for being such an inspiration! Keep their eyes open! Can't wait to see you and the guys in Miami/Ft Lauderdale this July!
07 May, 2010
Chgo Kim
God, I love this man!
05 May, 2010
Extremely good man working for an extremely good cause. And he does it in an extremely sex way :)
05 May, 2010
Bono, you are the voice of our hearts.
Matty t
02 May, 2010
Well done Bono its fantastic to be recognized for your service to humankind... you have the great art to use your music and the fame that goes with it to make a difference... we are all ONE, even if most don't recognize it!
01 May, 2010
Way to go Bono!
Thanks for speaking for all of us, Bono. We need your voice to keep Washington honest. Keep speaking about the inequity in Africa. No one should die because of the country they live in. America needs to stand up and take care of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
01 May, 2010
I am a member of one and red good to see things like this happining
30 April, 2010
Frontman and U3
It is inspiring to be acknowledged by the Atlantic Council. It's not easy being a frontman but rest assured at 5'10 you and your cohorts measure up.
30 April, 2010
Glad Bono has been successful with the One and Red campaigns, it been a long road in the making. Good to see him making paths towards "carrying each other". ~TheUltravylet~
30 April, 2010
Atlantic Council award
Well done again, Bono. Back in the lion's den to make the case for reality. Justice flows again. Whatever happened to this debate in the UK general election build-up? Time to get onto the parties, folks...
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