'They said there'd be snow at Christmas...' A year ago the band recorded a cover of the Greg Lake classic 'I Believe in Father Christmas'.

The single was released in support of Product (RED), raising funds to fight killer diseases in the poorest countries.

This seemed like just the moment to bring back that very atmospheric video. Take a look.


24 December, 2009
Merry Christmas!
Paul, Davia, Adam and Larry - warm wishes for this holiday season to you and your family (from my little jewish heart to yours). Wishing you a Merry x-mas and a Happy New Year! I'll see you in June! :-) xoxo, Shir
24 December, 2009
Merry Christmas!
Thank you for this song :))
24 December, 2009
Love it!
Simply brilliant. Please put it on iTunes, as many suggested: it's a wonderful song and sellings would help the RED fundraising.
24 December, 2009
awesome christmas song
i got this song on cd, along with the others on the (RED) cd, which i got at starbucks. one of the best christmas songs i've heard
24 December, 2009
Happy Christmas
Found this on Christmas Eve in a quiet, reflective moment, how very apt. Thanks for enriching my life with your music, it never fails to raise my spirits. What a sadder, poorer place the world would be without U2 in it. Much love to you and yours at this time of year and always. XXXX
24 December, 2009
cute =)
cute song, merry x-mas for all you U2 guys and to the staff =)
24 December, 2009
Where can I get this single?
I love this playing song. The Edge's guitar is very beautiful! Please put on iTunes JAPAN.
24 December, 2009
Thank You for this cover
I can't stop listening it! It's magical cover, great for Christmas. Thank You U2 for do this. It feeds my ears and soul. Merry Christmas:-)
24 December, 2009
Snow on X-mas night!
And yes, there it is then! A white x-mas. The last time it was snowing on x-mas eve in Holland was in 1981. A merry x-mas for everyone!!!
24 December, 2009
Makes me cry
Such a beautiful song that I love every time I hear it. This song brightens my day every time I hear it. Merry Christmas everyone.
24 December, 2009
Merry Christmas Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry! Thanks for such a beautiful version of a Christmas classic! It truly sounds magical.
24 December, 2009
A very Merry Christmas indeed....thanks guys and have a Merry Christmas all year long!
24 December, 2009
Merry Christmas
Beautiful song! Beautiful cover! Love it since last year and I hear it whenever I want just to remember Christmas time. Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!
24 December, 2009
great christmas song
I wanted to join RED last year. I am living in the Netherlands so it was not possible. I love this song.
24 December, 2009
I've always felt that the Edge was essentially a Christmassy man- this proves it! Listening amidst frozen pipes in the Scottish Highlands, beautiful. Please give this a more widespread release. B-side to the first single from that album ye've been brewing on the qt?!!
24 December, 2009
Year of Believing
Thanks for a great song. Brilliant contribution. May we all believe as you do! Merry Christmas indeed.
24 December, 2009
Posted on Itunes this is a beatiful x-mas songs, I love this guys, posted it, posted please
24 December, 2009
This is a very subtle and slightly tribal version of Lake's song. Sparkling guitar sound by Edge & Bono: you still got it, nice nuance!
24 December, 2009
Love it
Edge's guitar, Bono's voice... mmmmm
24 December, 2009
Great cover
24 December, 2009
Merry Christmas
Thank you ,guys.... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!! Anna
24 December, 2009
happy christmas U2
23 December, 2009
Lovely vid
Thanks for putting it up. Hallelueja, noel indeed.
23 December, 2009
Starbucks has the CD
If there is a Starbucks near you, this song is available on the (RED) Love CD. You got spend $15USD to get the CD for free.
23 December, 2009
I love Christmas!
Thanks for this-what a great Christmas treat, love the whole lightbulb thing!! PS-it takes ages for the video to start-I almost gave up waiting-hang on.... it's worth the wait.....
23 December, 2009
What a great cover with true feeling for the season.
23 December, 2009
Available at Starbucks
"I Believe in Father Christmas" is available at Starbucks on the All You Need Is Love CD (free with a $15 purchase (n the US, at least).
23 December, 2009
Please place this song on Itunes
I love this song and would like to have it year round.
23 December, 2009
In my top 5 (U2!)
23 December, 2009
Love it
I saw this on Youtube a long time ago! I bought the cd at Starbucks that contains this song :) Its all ive been listening to the past month. I love it.
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