Beautiful Day is one of 22 live tracks from U2360° set to feature on the limited edition double-CD   'U22'.

You'll find the other 21 here.

On the road in 2011 it was a 'Beautiful Day' every night... even in space.


11 February, 2012
Brazil loves this song!
Amazing days in São Paulo with U2!
11 February, 2012
I was there! it was such an amazingly beautiful day in Seattle and an awesome night and this song was so powerful! I am happy it made the cd! Thank you U2! I love you!
10 February, 2012
Beautiful day and evening in Seattle!
This was an unbelievable day and night in Seattle. A perfectly clear 75F day. Having Commander Kelly greet Seattle was so special. In the land of geeks and aviation, we were truly One that night. It was worth waiting a year. As I tell my friends, going to a U2 concert is like "Sunday go to meeting." We've got to carry each other. Nancy
10 February, 2012
Great music takes me to that other place
Since the Elevation Tour Beautiful Day has always been a substantial part of every live show, creating a feeling genuine positivity and joy in every venue. Bono;s conversation with commander Kelly from the space station offered a moving intro for this very special song. I am looking forward to hearing it on U22!
08 February, 2012
the dreams go one
thanks a lott all u2 fans,,this is a real band,,,and this is the best,,,we want a song in portugal in this from space,,,u2 bono,adam,,larry and the edge we love you u2 u2 u2 portugal
07 February, 2012
Beautiful imagination
One of my best songs ever. Happy to listen to it at least some seconds, can't wait to have the Cd in my hands. This song is another reason why this cd will make some noise in my house. Come one U2 realease another dvd from 2011, will you?
07 February, 2012
THE Most Uplifting Song
My nephew and I LOVE this song. It's the one he turns to above all other U2 songs. He's almost 8 now and I've promised him that I'll take him to his first U2 concert when they tour next. I absolutely treasure the fact that he has begun his love for this amazing band at such a young age. He shares the absolute joy I feel when listening to and singing this song. We jump around and giggle to our hearts content.
06 February, 2012
buck1 from montreal
bad the greatest song love u all in st.michel
06 February, 2012
The Best...
version of the song yet. Fact.
06 February, 2012
It was a Beautiful Day
'Beautiful Day' what a song never get bored of it and this version is really special, I'm so glad it's on the compilation. thanks to everyone who voted for it, cheers =0)
06 February, 2012
... can't wait to see you again - soon
06 February, 2012
so perfect
saturday, the 4th was my 50th - went to Pt. Reyes seashore - it truly was a beautiful day, so i blasted BD on my iphone. great memory. great timing, for this highlight, i might add :) cheers.
06 February, 2012
love that song!
Beautiful day! I love that song so much!
06 February, 2012
Great Song
Beautiful Day in 360!
05 February, 2012
......I luv HER very muchooooo!!!
05 February, 2012
U2 in Seattle with my sons!! Amazing show, great memories!!
05 February, 2012
One of many highlights of the concert! Can't wait!!
05 February, 2012
Don't Let it Get Away!
Thanks, U2! This is one of the songs that brighten up my day whenever I hear it. =)
05 February, 2012
Thanks for the video, have a beautiful day all! :D
05 February, 2012
Can't wait!!!
Can't wait to get U22 in the mail, it's a fine compilation of possibly the finest tour of U2's career! On that note, judging by this video and many others that have been posted here from the tour, you guys have a ton of great footage from great concerts! Pick a show from 2011 (when the setlist was far different from the 2009 setlist, completely different show) and release it on as the next subscriber gift or something! I'd love to get another momento from this tour officially released, it'd be another amazing gift along with U22. Thanks!
05 February, 2012
Such a special night in Seattle! I will never forget it! Wonderful show :)
05 February, 2012
totally oringinal
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