How rock'n'roll is Jimmy Fallon ?
How talented are The Roots? 
When Bono's cycling accident meant the band couldn't make their residency on The Tonight Show this week, one thing was sure, as Jimmy told viewers: 'The Show Must Go On...'
They came up with the next best thing: Jimmy Fallon with The Roots performing 'Desire'.
How sensational is this performance?


18 November, 2014
Bono ... you're fired !
only joking ... great performance ... never knew Jimmy Fallon could sing ...
18 November, 2014
Great Cover!
Though I have to confess I prefer the original of the species Jimmy and the Roots did a great performance!
18 November, 2014
Fallon should go on tour!!
For the next U2-tour, Fallon should join U2 as official 5th U2-member!! Great performance
18 November, 2014
Absolutely Amazing!
I heart Jimmy Fallon. We all missed the real thing, of course, but this was super fabulous!
18 November, 2014
And the fever ! getting higher.... Desir
Congratulations Jimmy, verry good version
18 November, 2014
Amazing job of filling in for U2! Jimmy and The Roots did an impressive cover of Desire. Made me smile!
18 November, 2014
Congrats, Jimmy!!
You just showed how to make lemons into lemonade. You and the Roots did a fantastic job on short notice! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the week.
Avion Espia
18 November, 2014
Even better than the real thing...!!
Well... not really, but almost. =P
18 November, 2014
very good! :)
18 November, 2014
Fallon Cover of Desire
You did "alright, young main!"
Thiago Quaresma
18 November, 2014
When you mix together the talent of The Roots with Jimmy and of course the "Cherry on Top", which is the U2 song. The result is an awesome performance!!!
18 November, 2014
Can we have Jimmy for the whole week?! PLEASE
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