Some of our subscribers were at the recording of The Graham Norton Show in London - if you're watching the show when it goes out on the BBC tonight at 10.35pm, join in the chat with them here.

Not long after that show airs (7pm EDT), catch Larry and Bono - talking about 'The Making Of Songs Of Innocence.' (Some lucky subscribers are in on that too.) Join in on the boards here.


22 October, 2014
Luke Greenhough
How did they manage to get in the audiance
21 October, 2014
Tears are in my eyes
I just heard the acoustic version of "Song for Someone", & I'm welling up thinking about my first love.
21 October, 2014
Ah, poor old blind Bono' :D neahh
Bono widzisz dobrze :) Ty nie masz innego wyboru bo musisz zobaczyć miliony ludzi na waszej nowej trasie koncertowej czekających na was z niecierpliwością i utęsknieniem. Wspaniały występ u Nortona Show. Gratuluje Mega Fan from Poland
19 October, 2014
Wow and WOW
I originally thought Song for Someone was one of the weaker songs on the album, but having seen this acoustic version - I am just blown away. Minus the production, the song is so alive and beautiful. God bless you fellas for daring to wear your hearts on your sleeves all these years, for belieivng in yourselves and daring to share it with us all.
19 October, 2014
They are not Invisable,
the boy's are back.... Love and Light, The V-Hunter. Miss you sugar. ...
19 October, 2014
Television the drug of the Nation!
Stunning performance of The Miracle with a great wraparound TV as the backdrop on Geaham Norton. Juxtaposed with a fabulous acoustic rendition of the best track on the album, Song for Someone, slightly jealous but pleased for those who saw it live.
19 October, 2014
still buzzing
Still buzzing from songs of innocence. Love it ... its the best
18 October, 2014
Song for Someone
"You've got a face not spoiled by beauty I have some scars from where I've been You've got eyes that can see right through me You're not afraid of anything they've seen" Stunning song and lyrics, especially now when I´m reading Patti Smith - Just Kids.
18 October, 2014
You look amazing..
The older you get the more amazing you look.. Thank you for for inspiring us with your light and smiles, and thank you for just being you....... Love u all always and forever.. You know.. when i was going threw tough times in my chemo therapy, i had my old iPod i still have it .. i would just listen too your music it would motivate me and make me strong, like your song " Pride" i didnt know if i would come out of this disease or feeling but you were there to help me in tuff moments in my life.. i will always be grateful love you always and forever..
karl hammond
17 October, 2014
the boys are back
The legend that is U2 , on the couch with the legend that is G Norton !
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