Following Bono's recovery from back surgery, the band are now preparing themselves for the opening of their European Tour opens in Turin next month.

Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono have filmed a message for everyone at on the eve of their return:  'Thank you for standing by us'.


13 April, 2011
July 13, 2010
This video was recorded on the 25th Anniversary of Live Aid... :o)
13 February, 2011
no problemo lads
Lads, Aye shite happens Bono. Life can be fragile eh? I had a wee bump masel broke ma neck in a car crash so I know how it goes. Thank god I never hurt or killed anyone but masel. Ma wife brought the Vertigo album in tae the hospital, ma accident was soon after you had released it. I think mibbe I had it on when I fell asleep! Na, I jest with yi, I shoulda had it on, but it was the pogues, a right sleepy mob that! I was playing Vertigo ad nausea in the hospital it took me through some dark days of not knowing if I would walk again or not. I always do go overboard on your albums release' except when I canni get away wi it. It always takes a good listen (about a month or two) for me tae get in the groove, thats a good thing. I recoverd listening to it. My wife was right happy cause she didnae need tae listen to it 18/7 for a coupla months. She claims I spoil your music by over use! Whats that??? Och she"s American, moderation an aw that. I'm in the States not Glasgow, (home). I felt for yi man when I heard the black news about yir back. I'm so happy that yir up and at it again. I will see you and the lads in Pittsburg. I'm up and walkin too, it was touch and go but yes it's nearly all come back to me as well over the years,hard work to here but I just lost the use of my right hand. A wee bit of a bummer cause I played the pipes. Och well, better than bein deed or in a wheelchair eh? I'm tryin the fiddle cause I can cram the bow wrapped in a load of foam intae ma paw. Life is good and we are the lucky ones. I first heard you when I lived near the isle of Skye I think in 1981. I was fish farming there. Yi know the Atlantic salmon gig. We were young eh? You have been my life's sountrack, we have grown together. The last time I saw you and the lads was "that" night in Albany. For all that "bug issue" you had, it was a brilliant night, it was community, really great it was. Thanks for the music first, but yir inspiration as well. Yir the best. Cheers lads. drew
06 September, 2010
Northern Manitoba/Canada First Nation fa
Ever since you hit the radios back in the have help so many with your wonderful therapy music to the soul/spirit...thanks/masi You lads must too take care of your well are dearly love by many folks in Canada...Come back to Winnipeg Manitoba again...we'll be there.. May the Great Spirit continue to bless and watch over your paths......
22 August, 2010
You are each worth waiting for! I am of course particularly relieved that Bono is well and ready to get his groove on (Tampa '10 'ok Tampa! Let's see if we can get a groove going....') I love you guys and hope that you take a steady pace returning to the road with due care for each of your well being!
17 August, 2010
Welcome back Bono, we all know here in Guatemala that you guys really like this Mayan Lands, so please let us dream and give us the biggest gift in our musical history, CA is waiting a miracle and any announcement about your new dates we are waiting for you guys with arms wide open
17 August, 2010
Keep singing!
And place Romania into your road... or any other country near us. Please!
12 August, 2010
Just as a thought. If you guys are "planning" to extend you tour, St. John's, Newfoundland (Or even Halifax, Nova Scotia) would be a great addition to your North American Tour. Coming from an area just outside of St. John's, it would be marvelous to see people like you here. We don't usually get many "big" name stars. Just a thought. Thanks.
10 August, 2010
From the Norwwegian fans: What Happened
Have you forgotten about all your dedicated and long trusting fans in Scandinavia, or are we up for a surprise? Please say you have not forgotten us.....
09 August, 2010
If you are planning a south america tour you should consider caracas. You have a lot of fans here.
08 August, 2010
Malaysia Tour
Would U2 planing to come for Asia Tour? I hope U2 can come to live concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Malaysia i am sure there a huge of U2 fan even in Singapore, Japan. I wish U2 world tour can add in for Asia Country. Kh Chee (Malaysia)
08 August, 2010
Yes Saskatchewan!
I very much believe that U2 needs to play the historical Taylor field in regina saskatchewan. just ask Mick Jager, theres no better crowed than the green and white rider fans. who'd "go crazy" over U2. please add regina !
07 August, 2010
north american tour
Would U2 ever consider playing in Regina, Saskatchewan? Pleeeeeease do:) I know we have been trying to get you to. Ive signed a petition or two, put up by local radio stations to, "Bring U2 to Regina". The province of Sask. has a small population, but many,many U2 fans :) The Rolling Stones and ACDC have played here. Please come to Regina. Please :)
06 August, 2010
Portugal October
Soooooooooooo excited that 'the man' is all better. Cant wait to fly from Wales to Portugal for the gig. Be very difficult to beat Dublin but I'm sure it'll be amazing. Nearly time to start daily countdown!!!!!!!!!!!11
05 August, 2010
No Apology Necessary
If there weren't enough reasons to love you guys... The apology, while certainly appreciated, is not necessary. All I, and I know I'm not alone, care about is you, all of you, keeping yourselves safe + well. And please, Bono, if you aren't feeling well after the first few gigs, please don't continue on. To quote you, "Stay safe tonight" and every night for that matter. I want to thank each one of you, Larry, Adam, Edge, and Bono for the gift you've given to all of us here and there, near and far. You have been lifesavers more than once here in EsmeLand. Love to all of you, Esme
Sergio Rossini
05 August, 2010
I can't stop watching the dvd. I want to see the concert live.
05 August, 2010
Bono welcome... We love U2 in Brasil and I count seconds, minuts, hours for seing again you in São Paulo!!!! I hope, I wish it´s soon. Kisses for Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam.
03 August, 2010
your apology
Nice comments gentlemen! Apology accepted! Can't wait to see you in Michigan, and many blessings to you all on your continued tour & health! Peace; Steve Brown
01 August, 2010
welcome back gentlemen!
blessings and good health to you all as you resume the tour. i was a volunteer for last year in toronto, and hope to do so again next july (2011). love to all...janice
01 August, 2010
Oakland 2011
Here is my vote for No Doubt to open for your Oakland 2011 concert. Can't wait to see you guy's again! I went to the Phoenix 2010 concert. Magnificent!
30 July, 2010
Come back to Chile!
It will hope the days soon before my knee surgery occurring to be able to jump, sing and enjoy his songs ... and the next day I operate on jejeje. Confirm his visit soon. I love them!
29 July, 2010
Careful please!
we are so happy you all had a "rest" & recovery. Please stay well, you don't have to do dangerous stunts to keep us with you! See you in Denver, if not before!
29 July, 2010
Walking before Running
Hi guys, Thrilled to hear that the recovery is going well, and Bono, it's fantastic to see you're in 1 piece and able to walk, at the end of the day, that really is the main thing. I had a disc prolapse and I don't know about you, but there was nothing better than coming outta that staring at the ceiling phase! Here's to a 'Magnificent' tour! Elli Melbourne, Australia
silvia catia
28 July, 2010
I`m very happy !!
I`m very happy now, to see Bono recovered !!! And beautiful with this hair !!!Bono , Please don`t cut more your hair !!!!
28 July, 2010
Costa Rica, Central America can't wait!!
GReat Back...but why don't pick the Centralamerica area? they never played before here....Costa Rica offer greats conditions to recieve U2...coming guys...made us the miracle..!!
26 July, 2010
You're worth the wait!
Bono, I'm so glad that you are getting BACK to normal again :-) You (and the rest of the guys) look fabulous. thank you for the video; it was so thoughtful. Truly, you are worth the wait. Now I have an entire year to stay excited about seeing you. Can't tell you how much I've been listening to my U2 CDs lately. I'll continue to pray for your recovery. Praise God you are doing well!!! With love, Kelly from the USA (see you on July 14th, 2011!)
25 July, 2010
Love from Brazil !
We so happy that you Bono looks fine...Takes much care before return to the world tour show. Your health first. All your fans would wait for you as time it you needed. And stop to run in the show, man! When I see you in the 360 º DVD running around the stage, I think: "Wow! What a performance! Is he a athletic man?" We love U2 since 1986. All my important life moments had a U2 song in the backstage.. I'm a simple 48' years old rockgirl and my son (15 years) listened U2 since he was in my uterus. We wait U2 here in Brazil again! God bless the U2 guys!!
24 July, 2010
Love from Peru
I´m so happy you are back!!! I bought my tickets for Miami 2010, I had the air tickets so finally I had to travel and visit Miami, but won´t be able to travel again next year, I am from Peru, I need to know if you will come to Peru, please, all Peruvians are waiting for the big news, we love you all, I love you Bono, come to Peru, I am dying to see your concert, If I could, I would go to Europe, I can' t wait anymore, give us a Beautiful day!!!
24 July, 2010
I'm So Happy
To see that your frontman is UP N AT'OM. As an ER nurse I know these injuries can be severe (altho specifics r unknown), a spine is crucial, I'm so happy to see that Bono is well.
23 July, 2010
Love Ya
Your magnificent music forces me to breathe!! Wow what power that you have.. Happy that Bono is back to his "old" self. Can't wait to see you in Denver!!! Bono you're a saint & your wife is an angel....
22 July, 2010
We were totally stoked about seeing this concert, it really was bad luck that Bono was crook. We are Aussies over in the USA with the military. Unfortunately we are sent home at the end of this year - so we will miss the 2011 rescheduled dates! ;[ Get Better soon Bono - your voice and talent of your band lift our spirits, unite people and deliver a strong message! Don't forget us all down under who support your cause and music! We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you pop on down for a concert or 2.....
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