Joshua Tree

Buffalo, NY, US / Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul 2
Party Girl Live Joshua Tree Tour


jeralyn b
08 May, 2010
"Sorry I sound like shit"
This was my first U2 show as well and I had to beg my parents to let me go. Ended up with floor seats..back when there were actual folding chairs lined up in rows. Had to stand on the back of some random guys chair and hang on just to keep my balance and see the show. Bono wasn't feeling well that night and apologized for his voice sounding like shit. I, of course, thought he was fantastic as well as the rest of the guys. Can't remember who opened for them though??
02 September, 2009
First U2 show I saw
This was the first time I saw the band live. The Aud is tore down now, but I'll never forget the energy of that night. I have seen them many times since, but I'll never forget this show. After this concert, I always wanted to see them in Europe. I just saw them in Paris this year. Took me 22 years, but what a show and a city.
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