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10 August, 2010
U2 and 20 people
i have seen u2 so many times but the one that stands out for me is when a radio 1 compertition in 2000 to see the band play live in front of 20 fans. there played five songs from AYCLB and then there came and had a chat with us all. i will nerver forget that day. best live track that day was stuck in a momont.
09 August, 2010
Hello U2: My name is JOÃO. I am Portuguese and I will go to the first show in Coimbra (02 october). I know this is a stupid and impossible request. But I'll try anyway. My mother died last July 13 with a stupid and dramatic disease called Cancer. I am one of many eager fans of U2, and I would like Bono sang a snippet of the song "Sometimes You Can Make It On Your Own" in memory of my mother. It would, for me, the best tribute which could provide to my mother. Sorry for my inconvenience, but I've been thinking for a while, if i send or not this email. Maybe this is a dream for a crazy u2 fan. At least i try. Thank you for your atention João Almeida
09 August, 2010
Set list 360 tour!!! In Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA April10, 2011. FOR TO FANS Open show!!! Magnificent Get On Your Boots Rejoice The electric co. An cat dubh Into the heart Cartoon World Gloria Moment of Surrender Deep in the heart A sort of homecoming Two hearts beat as one The unforgettable fire Walk to the water Stand Up Comedy Indian summer sky Bad Where the streets have no name Trip through your wires FEZ-Being Born Angel of Harlem One tree hill Hawkmoon 269 Breathe A Celebration Bullet the blue sky Running to the stand still Zooropa Ultra violet (light my way) Sunday bloody Sunday 40
09 August, 2010
they were singing for me only
Turin 2010 was my third U2 gig. I took place in the middle of the 2 stages, near one of the moving bridges. Bono came, he stopped and sang. Everybody was taking pictures "Oh well, Bono is over my head"! I wasn't. I was just looking into his eyes and it seems to he was there singing for me only. In the middle of 45000 people I felt like there was only them and me. An unforgettable feeling!
09 August, 2010
Awesome Seats
It was my 1st U2 Show, out of 8... i was late getting to the show with no tickets. i asked some guys coming out if they had tickets, they were leaving because they weren't U2 fans but his dad had a box. i bought his box seats for 10 dollars...we were right in the midle of the 2 stages only a few rows up.. the show was awesome and so were my seats...his loss and my gain...!!!
21 July, 2010
My First U2 Concert.
They used to use wristbands, and I was selected to be first in line. I was disappointed when I only received 20th row seats. But I was right next to the “B” stage. U2 performed some songs just a few of feet away from me! I pointed to Edge and gave a thumbs up. He acknowledged me with a wink. U2 performed a personal concert just to me and 20,000 people showed up to watch. Best show ever!
19 July, 2010
Pizza for Everyone!
I had three slices of hot pepperoni pizza before I joined others and passed the boxes over our heads to the rows behind us!
21 October, 2009
Words Fail!!!!!!!!!!!
As this was my first U2 experience live, it was sensory overload in the best way possible. I had nosebleed seats, and still felt like I totally connected with the Band. When Bono ordered 10,000 pizzas for his "friends" it was hilarious,, but when pizza delivery boys appeared at the the end of the show with dolly's of pizza boxes which were flung out to the fans, it was brilliant:) Mysterious Ways, was memorizing as the beautiful dancer emerged while Bono sang.. The energy of that night, and connection of the fans is something I have never forgotten. I was hooked. Craving those powerful live performance experiences with this Band can border on a cocaine addiction, but in a good way!
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