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Montreal, QC, CA / Montreal Hippodrome
with Interpol 47
Another beautiful evening in Montreal tonight, and a festival atmosphere on site all day. With folks hanging out in the 'Fan Jam' area since noon, by the time the band took the stage there were huge chants of 'U2 U2 U2' ringing around the stadium.

'Give me one more chance, and you'll be satisfied. Give me two more chances, you won't be denied...'

After that, nothing was going to go wrong for the people of 'la belle province' - from The Fly to 'Streets', from Mysterious Ways to Moment of Surrender.

To general delight, Bono spent much of the evening speaking French, reflecting on current issues of State and introducing the members of the ancient Irish House of U2.

'Ce soir nous commencons notre tournee royale du Canada... nous sommes les Irlandais royaux.'
Larry he introduced as 'Bonnie Prince William', Adam as Kate Middleton and Edge as the Prince of Wales.

A glorious night reached its benediction as ever with the people's light show. 'Eteins les lumieres Willie voici Moment of Surrender.'

Like a scene from an exotic, magical kingdom, the rain finally started to arrive with serious intent halfway through as the band remained on stage to applaud the people of Montreal. With the wind picking up, everyone got thoroughly drenched.

'U2 killed it tonight.' tweeted @The_Shoe_Freak 'Just an amazing show. And the rain made everything more interesting.'
'Not even the rain could ruin this one.' added @DrewKrawczyk. 'Epic part one of #u2360mtl, can't wait for part two.'

Were you at the opening night in Montreal ? Add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Montreal!


18 August, 2011
Montreal - July 8
Great show
27 July, 2011
Simply amazing Montreal croud is just one of the best... please come back ;-)
23 July, 2011
Thank you so much!!!
Thank you so much for landing the spaceship in Montreal!! Your concert was AMAZING and AWESOME!!!! To experience the passion and love for U2 with the Montreal crowd is beyond words. It truly was a memorable experience for me. Please come back soon to Montreal after a well deserved rest!!!
13 July, 2011
we will love u2 forever
My son on my shoulders having the time of his life yelling ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY" as a major u2 fan for 40 years this was a major highlight., as well as seeing the video of Bono giving away his guitar to the blind guitarist in Nashville TN from his good friend, Bono you will always be my leader, Thanks for everything you have done Robin VG
12 July, 2011
U2 Amazing !
simply the Best !
12 July, 2011
What a show
Thanks U2 for a wonderfull first night experience at one of your shows and you amazed me... Looking forward now to seeing you in Moncton on the 30th of July!! Good job and awesome show thanks.. And i loved when you played Vertigo and Elevation..
11 July, 2011
Magic night in Montreal
This was my best ever U2 concert! What a night! Even the rain that began at the end of a verry special concert looks like part of the magic! The band singing "Rain" while the sky was falling on our head was surreal! Thanks to the band for allowing me to live this memorable evening! These souvenirs will remain in my memory and my heart for the rest of my life.
11 July, 2011
From Venezuela to Montreal
"10 years after, MARU is here" Said my flag. My happiness has no limits and all the moments were unforgettables. The show was amazing, the stage was another world! And I can only say one thing: U2 is part of my life... Thank you Good Bless you. Marupaye Juarez. Caracas, Venezuela.
10 July, 2011
Montreal, Quebec 2011-07-08
What a show, what a crowd and WHAT A BAND !!!!! Hoping one day to be able have a photographic session with the band before, during the show !!! Love u all and hopefully hoping for your return soon to MONTREAL . Peace :) xoxoxoxo
10 July, 2011
Amazing show!
the show was amazing, people were dancing and the structure was moving, no good pictures but lots of memories! Will go again anytime!
10 July, 2011
Montreal 2nd Night
Amazing Concert !!!! I traveled from Mexico only For saw the concert in Montreal !!
10 July, 2011
Thank You U2!!!!
Montreal loves U2 and it was apparent by the atmosphere at the Hippodrome the sing alongs were amazing and I believe the lads offered one of their best shows in years. Hope U2 comes back soon after a well deserved rest.
10 July, 2011
Merci U2 !!!!
Superbe soirée !!! Spectacle incroyable , mais deçu de ne pas avoir entendu :BAD ... :( Un gros MERCI à U2 ... Une finale mémorable avec une pluie diluvienne à la sortie ...
10 July, 2011
GREAT SHOW!! And great to meet Edge at the St.James Hotel!
09 July, 2011
What a show...What a stage!
09 July, 2011
Great Show
First time in the Pit. Unbelievable. You guys rock
09 July, 2011
Just magic!
You were so amazing. There is no words to describe the show, and how to choose the best moment? Every moment was pure joy... Emotion put tears in my eyes. Thank you sooo much!
09 July, 2011
OMG !!!
What a night....one of our best shows here in Montreal !!! A keepsake forever now off for part 2 and then early to To for part 3 !!!
09 July, 2011
History in the Making!
Unbelievable show ! Once again U2 were at their best in Montreal. Hippodrome was packed yet we all had a front row seat. Well done !!!
09 July, 2011
Quel spectacle !
Vraiment un spectacle impressionnant, un scène grandiose, des effets saisissants. Wow!
09 July, 2011
What A show
The song selection was awesome and the stage show was incredible. This was the 5th time that I have seen U2 and it could have been the first, they just blow you away with music lights and performance. Now I would like to know how they got it to rain on cue like that? It ended the show perfectly. On the way out everyone around us where laughing and singing and talking how great the show was. U2 come back soon and have a great show tonight in our City. Thank you from a fan.
09 July, 2011
Montréal 8 july 2011
The show was just great and I love the "stage and crowd setup"... were ever you were you could see the show with that 360 degree screen over the band. There were good visuals effects. Thank you U2 I had a great evening! :)
08 July, 2011
I agree with @cwocky, hearing Exit tonight would blow my mind!
07 July, 2011
setlist shakeup
Cmon lads, how about this weekend you really give this setlist a massive shakeup. Maybe one for the occasional fan who likes the beautiful days and elevation, and one for the die hard fan by pulling out some obscure left field stuff. A sort of homecoming, Wire, Exit. Come on lads, break the boundaries
05 July, 2011
U2 twice in July!
Count down to the Hippodrome and then two weeks later in Moncton... beast summer ever...
05 July, 2011
Montreal ready for the U2 invasion
I hope the lads will play where the streets have no name and sunday bloody sunday the crowd in Montreal would absolutely explode and would certainly sing along with all their hearts
04 July, 2011
La cité U2
Montreal becomes La cité U2...next week end, Bienvenue à la Cité guys...
02 July, 2011
Best July ever!!
Will and Kate one week, U2 the next. Can anyone confirm that Jesus will be reborn in Montreal on the 3rd week of July? :) Best July ever!! Seriously, just want to welcome U2 back to Canada. Hope your back is doing better, Bono. Best band on the Planet!!
30 June, 2011
Set List is so different I just can"t wait to see this Show ... Day One Inner Circle just like Toronto Day Two RED ZONE Yeah Baby Just Light My Way ...
29 June, 2011
GONE *********
PLEASE PLAY GONE the 8th of July on MONTREAL GUYS !! PLEASE !! Some POP and ZOOROPA would be so much appreciated !!! CANT WAIT TO BE THERE ITS MY 1RST SHOW YYYEEEEEESSSSS Going with my 2 sisters and their mate, GA :)
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