The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Rome, IT
Olympic Stadium
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08 June, 2017
36 Days
To go before Rome!!! First saw U2 at Elland Road, Leeds back in 1987. 18 years old wearing JT t-shirt with a pair of union jack shorts. Luckily I don't have either anymore as I am sure they wouldn't fit me now. The finest band the world has ever seen.
03 June, 2017
In rome
Hi Alter 11 years me and my sun, go to the concert in rome . Our first show, as in São Paulo Brasil in 2006. Thanks for the u2. Coming soon in rome whit the band
02 May, 2017
First U2 gig in Birmingham on the original JT tour. "On the National Express" to Birmingham from Manchester aged 16. This time on Emirates to Rome from Dubai aged 46. Times have changed but still the best band and still as excited!!
26 April, 2017
In God's Country
I seen my first U2 Gig when I was 18 yo, going completely alone from Napoli to Turin in 2001... one of the best ever memories in my life!!! Now I'll waiting for the greatest band on 15 in Rome but I know that last visit in my city was on '93!... hey man too much time passed i think!... So try to be with us next tour because as Pablo Picasso said to his friend Cocteau, invited him in the capital "Yes it's true, in Rome there's Pope, but in Napoli there's God". Greetings from Procida island
06 April, 2017
Borg of God!
Great night in Rome......... Beautiful!
01 February, 2017
Hi guys.... I'll be there with you in RED ZONE. Take me higher and dance with me Turn me around tonight I love you
25 January, 2017
the Joshua Tree - the best album ever!!
I hopened to see you in Dublin at 24 december... But I see you in Rome 15 and 16 July!!! Please, the same beginning of 1987... STREETS !!!!!! You're my life!
20 January, 2017
Back Request
I know this is the JT 30th celebrative tour but why don't you play any other songs of that period like 'God Part 2'? Be sure to play 'Exit'! I really expect it for years.. Glad to meet U again in Italy, bros!
16 January, 2017
7 years later
7 years later I come back to Rome !! I can't belive it ... i love U "U2" ! Jack Bologna
14 January, 2017
Incredibile event!!!!
14 January, 2017
My JT in Red Zone!!!
I can't believe it!!! 30 years later still In Rome for The JT!!! In the Red Zone with my wife to see the guys close up!!! I still have in my head last tour in Turin and Dublin, amazing!! I look forward to be in Rome guys, see you!!
11 January, 2017
Thank you!!! See you in the Red Zone
I left the UK in August 1987 to live in Italy 30 years ago......The JT tour stopping in my home time of Rome is perfect timing for this big anniversary...thank you U2 and thank you! See you in the RED zone on 15 July ;-) Sarah, Rome, Italy
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