The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Sao Paulo, BR / Morumbi Stadium
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 117

Coming to the shows in Sao Paulo ?

Take photos, post your comments, snap selfies, upload video. We'll add them to our rolling live coverage during the show day. Folllow this coverage below, from the build up to the end of the show for the entire day the show is happening.

Just use #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 when uploading to the social networks and watch the feed below as we highlight the great content coming direct from fans at the show - before, during and after too.

After the show, post your own reviews and your own comments below.

Exit - U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017


16 October, 2017
Welcome to Brazil again!
I'm excited for opening October 19th.
16 October, 2017
Reflections - Welcome U2
To live better, do not worry, take care. Occupy your time, occupy your space, occupy your mind. Do not despair, wait. Wait for the dust to come down, wait for the time to pass, wait for the anger to fade. Do not distress yourself, dispose. Arrange good words, have good vibrations, always dispose. Do not get tired, rest. Rest your mind, rest your legs, rest from everything. Do not belittle, pray. Price for quality, value for values, value for virtues. Do not bother, settle. Arrange your body, accommodate your spirit, accommodate your life. Do not distrust, trust. Trust your sixth sense, trust you, trust God. Do not torture yourself. Sit with patience, embrace with resignation, embrace with tolerance. Do not press, impress. Impress by humility, impress by simplicity, impress by elegance. Do not create discord, create concord. Concordance among nations, concord among persons, personal concord. Do not mistreat, treat well. Treat people well, treat animals well, treat the planet well. Do not overload, recharge. Recharge your strength, recharge your courage, recharge your hope. Do not disturb, work. Work your humanity, work your frustrations, work your virtues. Do not conspire, inspire. Inspire people, inspire talents, inspire health. Do not panic, pray. Pray to God! Only then will we live better days.
16 October, 2017
I love U2 - Stop Child Labour
I've been a U2 fan for a long time. I love the songs, the lyrics and the rhythm of this which is, in my opinion, the greatest rock band of all time. My admiration for the band only grows larger due to its engagement in several and important social causes over the years. Singing of love, peace, respect, tolerance and the importance of a more equal society elevates Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry, in my opinion, to the position of ambassadors for a better world. A more equal world, however, cannot exist while millions of children work and drop out of school in order to help to sustain their households. According to the ILO, the International Labour Organization, there are over 160 million children working globally. In Brazil, there are currently over three million children working. Because of this, and as a fan of this marvelous band, I humbly ask, sing in Brazil: “Stop Child Labour” (in english), 'Chega de Trabalho Infantil' (in portuguese)."​
15 October, 2017
Waiting 33 years!
I'm waiting for 33 years !!! Welcome to Brazil!!!!!
11 October, 2017
Can't wait!
thats gonna be my thrird U2 concert! I'm a photographer, I really would love to photograph the band from the pitch
08 October, 2017
Please sing City Of Blinding Lights
Agora é a nossa vez!!!
29 September, 2017
The Little Things That Give You away
Pleeeease play The Little Things That Give You away here in Brazil!!!!
28 September, 2017
Cycling tour
The dream of cycling and watching my favorite band is coming. I waited 30 years for this day! Thanks
26 September, 2017
Sing Song Stay! (Faraway, So close!)
Please sing song Stay (Faraway, Só Close!) and Kite. Please. Thanks.
20 September, 2017
love! U2! Love! u2!
20 September, 2017
E para quando um show em Portugal????? Já lá vão 8 anos desde o último concerto. Acho que também merecemos a vinda deles. Obrigado
18 September, 2017
U2 Forever Love
In Brazil it will be magical!!!!!!!!!!! <3
12 September, 2017
Cycling tour fan U2
Good luck, Acylon Junior! The fan "gaucho" that will do 6,000 miles in cycling to watch his / our favorite band.
01 July, 2017
One night! One love!!! C'mon october!!!!! Because I Happyyyyyyyyyy :D
29 June, 2017
10 years waiting for this moment! It`s gonna be AWESOME!!!
20 June, 2017
Concert in São Paulo
Will Be a beautiful day!!!
15 June, 2017
O Show em Miami foi Demais... Mas no Br
Vertigo Tour. BR 360 Tour. BR The Joshua Tree Tour. US Miami The Joshua Tree Tour. BR Aguardando o Show no nosso Pais. !!!
13 June, 2017
U2 Brazil
SEE YOU GUYS IN SÃO PAULO!!!!!!!!! #Dreamscometrue #JoshuaTree
12 June, 2017
19 Oct SP Morumbi Stadium
Waiting for the hours to see you U2
12 June, 2017
33 years since my first album and counti
First heard you guys when I was 13, that was 1984. A bit older than the boy on the cover of "WAR. First song was "New Year's Day", it just blew my mind. It was the first double album I bought, with my own money, my first job. Then I saw in the Netherlands, once, and in Brazil, three times, and missed you by a day In New York. Now, I will take my teenage kids with me to the gig. Funny how many of your songs reflected moments of my life, from teenage hood and its certainties, to spiritual "scavenging", to adulthood and its doubts, marriage, parenthood, failure, victory, failure, striving and resilience, the forties, and the fifties that are approaching faster than I thought. "I'm wide awake". Lots of success, health and love for you and all the workers in the tour. See you in São Paulo.
12 June, 2017
Thanks again!
At this time I won't be alone! My 17 years old daughter is gonna be there too! Wow! Amazing company with the best band ever! Let's rock everyone!!!
10 June, 2017
One night, one love!!! Wowwwwwww!!!
09 June, 2017
I don't believe!! It's wonderful!!!I love love love U2!!
09 June, 2017
Concert in São Paulo
Thanks U2!!! I'll be there!! <3
08 June, 2017
The show that never happen!!!
We have been waiting 30 years for this show \o/ Thankyouuuuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3 It´s gonna be the best, for sure <3
08 June, 2017
Show em São Paulo
We are waiting for you. Never missed a show in Brasil.
08 June, 2017
Come to Rio de Janeiro!
Come to Rio de Janeiro!!!
08 June, 2017
Countdown to the day show
Thanks you remembered Brazil! I am your fan since I was 12yo, now I'm 47. This time I will take my soon to see the best world band in my opinion.
08 June, 2017
Thak you for making the world better!
It's 30 years of my life listening to your music! Listening to your message! I can't believe the possibility of seeing you. I just have to say thank you! Thank you for making the world more beautiful through your song! Please sing City Of Blinding Lights!
08 June, 2017
Very happy with this new show in São Paulo! !
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