The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

New Orleans, LA, US / Mercedes Benz Superdome
with Beck 11

'The saints are coming, the saints are coming
I say no matter how I try, I realise there's no reply...'

Tonight the band played tribute to New Orleans by playing a snippet of the 'The Saints Are Coming' at the end of Vertigo, tonight in Mercedes-Benz Stadium on the #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour2017.

And if you were at the show at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below. 


16 September, 2017
Mr. Bill
Bill was elevated into vertigo.
16 September, 2017
Another great show.
4th time seeing them on this tour and probably my favorite. Loved the energy of both the band and the crowd!!
16 September, 2017
New Orleans Loves U2!
I'm a native New Orleanian, and deeply appreciated how you shaped the show to connect with us. On top of the Edge's incredible commitment, you're all honorary citizens. Still thinking about the show. Still moved. Extraordinary. The visuals were astonishing. So was your capacity to make the Superdome feel like an intimate space. The use of robotic cameras made the Dome feel small. Above all, the content of the performance. So many many elements that referenced New Orleans, and a specific call out for donations for Harvey. Bono reading the letter we sent to Texas. And the Herstory segment made me weep. People keep using the word spiritual, and it certainly was, but it was more. It was community, bonding, acknowledging differences, but coming together. Oh, and "Saints."
16 September, 2017
Epic Night
My 3rd, this tour, my cousins first U2 concert ever. Was a dream come true. From Florida evacuation zone to Red Zone in my home state. Loved the energy and extras including Bono's tribute to The Edge for Music Rising.
16 September, 2017
Epic Night
My 3rd, this tour, my cousins first U2 concert ever. Was a dream come true.
12 September, 2017
Philly Girl
I'm going to New Orleans! to see The Boys 2nd time this year will be traveling alone any Ideas on where to meet up with other U2 fans?
06 September, 2017
Family of four to see U2 in New Orleans!
Bringing the whole family to this concert, including two teens. Hope the wet weather stays away, so that they don't evacuate NewOrleans. Haven't seen U2 since they reopened the Superdome, for a Saints game, after Katrina. Looking forward to this !
25 August, 2017
Huge fan since I was introduced to WAR as a child. Have wanted to see U2 ever since. Somehow have never had the chance. CANNOT WAIT
01 August, 2017
Heading down to The Big Easy from NYC to celebrate my anniversary with the sweet sounds of U2. I can't wait
21 July, 2017
New Orleans Welcomes You Back with Open
Finally Back in The Big Easy ... last tour was Popmart ... then Katrina almost destroyed us ... news the band was coming back brought tears and joy ... saw them back in 87 in Baton Rouge ... transcendent and cemented my love for this band and their music ... your music has been a light bulb hanging over my bed ... counting the days until 9/14!!!
27 June, 2017
Nola newbie
I'm excited for my second leg of my southwest u2 tour ! Nola and San Diego. Any fan meet ups in Nola? I'm so excited to experience u2 in Nola with die hard fans. Dallas and Houston check and check !
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