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Vertigo 2005 // U2 Live from Chicago

Q - Who can watch the stream of Vertigo 2005 // U2 Live from Chicago?
A - The stream is available to all current members and subscribers of U2.com

Q - What are the specific settings needed to be able to watch the film in HD (hi-definition) with 5.1?
A - The only setting you require is a fast connection to the internet, a HD enabled screen or TV and a stereo. Our player is similar to the YouTube player - it will find the best quality depending on your bandwidth.

Q - Will this show be available to purchase ?
A - This film was originally released commercially on DVD in 2005. You can probably still find it for sale.

Q - How long will it be streaming for?
A - It will be available for forty eight hours from Saturday, July 18th, from 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm BST, 9pm CEST

Q - If I want to host a viewing with friends but not at my home can I bring my device to a friend's house to watch the stream? Or use my account on their device to watch it?
A - You can log in and access this film on any device using your username and password as long as you are a U2.com subscriber or member.

Q - Can I download or burn the film to blu ray and share with others?
A - No.

Q - Can I cast it via Chromecast/Roku/Miracast/etc or will just be able to watch on my computer?
A - Broadcasting to a TV from your computer should work (for example with Airplay). It will also work on Chromecast but not on Roku .

Q - How do I use Airplay ?
A - If you want to use Airplay to stream this to another device please check here for details and setup.

Q - How do I enable 5.1 surround sound when connecting my Mac computer to my stereo.
A - To set up external speakers for stereo or surround sound via HDMI use Audio MIDI Setup. More here.

U2.com Username to Email Change Over

Q - I can't remember what email address I used to register ?
A - This should be the email address where you receive all U2.com email communications.  You can reset your password and you will receive an email at your account's registered email address.

Q - Will I still need my username for U2.com ?
A - No.

Q - I cannot login with my email address, what should I do ?
A - Try to reset your password first. If this fails, please contact Customer Service.

Q - Will my Zootopia username remain the same ?
A - Your Zootopia user name and (also your Comments Display Name) is different to your username and this will NOT change.


Q - I renewed my subscription for 2020 before the 2020 gift was announced. Will I receive get the 2020 exclusive gift?

A - Yes, if you renewed your subscription for 2020 before the announcement that the 2020 gift would be the limited edition DVD 'U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE - LIVE IN BERLIN' , you will still be sent this gift once it is released. 

Q - What are the benefits I receive when I become a U2.com subscriber?

A - You’ll find all the benefits of an annual subscription on our Subscribe Page.

Q - How much does it cost to subscribe to U2.com?

A - The Subscription price standard USD$50 per year but existing subscribers pay only USD$40.00 when they renew their current subscription.

Q - Has your postal address changed since you subscribed or renewed your subscription to U2.com?

A - If you have moved address since you subscribed or resubscribed to U2.com and you want your annual gift to be sent to your new address, please submit a Change of Address via our help form from the drop down topic 'Change of Adress ' Subscriber Gift' above.

Q - I don't have a credit card, can I purchase a U2.com subscription membership with a check or money order?

A - At this time, we only accept credit cards or PayPal for payment.

Q - Where do I renew my subscription on the web site?

A - To resubscribe, simply go to: renew.U2.com, login, and follow the renewal instructions.

Q - If my subscription has not yet expired, and I renew my subscription now, what is the expiration date of my new subscription?

A - You can renew your subscription at any time and it will continue for one year after the end of your current subscription term. Please note, your discounted resubscription fee of USD$40 is valid until the end of your existing subscription term. If you let your subscription term expire you will keep your U2.com profile, but the paid benefits will not apply. To reactivate you will need to purchase a new subscription at USD$50.

Q - If I renew my U2.com subscription, will I receive a ticket access code for presale tickets?

A -In a touring period, paid-up subscribers receive an opportunity to enter a special ticket presale.

Q - After I renew my subscription, can I still use the 25% discount coupon from my previous subscription?

A - Yes. If you have not used your discount coupon it will still be valid up to a year from the date when you first became a subscriber. Please note that you will not be able to use multiple discount coupons on a single order - they are only good for one transaction at a time.

Q - How do I order a U2.com subscription for a friend or relative so that they can also receive the Special 2020 Subscription Gift.

A - Go here, add the gift membership to your Cart, and complete the checkout process.

After you have completed your order, we will send you an electronic gift certificate via e-mail. When you email this certificate to your friend or family member, they can use it to take out their annual subscription to U2.com.

Q - Can I use my 25% coupon toward my membership fee or a friend's fan club membership?

A - No. Your membership discount offers are only good toward merchandise purchases made in the official U2.com store and are non-transferable.


Q - How do I sign up to U2.com?

A - Click on the Sign up / Sign In link at the top of the page (or just click here for the Subscribe page). When you sign up with U2.com, you can choose free membership or paid membership. Paid membership entitles you to the full benefits of being a U2.com member such as U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN the limited edition DVD, members only discount offers, and access to U2.com community area, exclusive content and more.


Q - How do I edit my profile?

A - When you are logged in with either a free or paid account, click on the ACCOUNT INFO button at the top of the page. You can update your profile information from there. Note - user names and display names are not changeable, but please make sure to update your email address, mailing address, etc.

Q - How do I change or request my password?

A - Go here to request a new password.


If you have U2.com questions please call our customer support team at:

+001-949-333-4820 (outside the US).

1-800-615-1324 (inside the US)

Or, you can email us by using the Contact Us form on the right side of this page.

If you have questions with the ticket purchasing or using your presale access code, please contact the ticketing site Customer Service team directly.