Popmart live from Mexico City

10 September, 20073
  1. Pop Musik
  2. MofoLyrics
  3. I Will FollowLyrics
  4. GoneLyrics
  5. Even Better Than The Real ThingLyrics
  6. Last Night On EarthLyrics
  7. Until The End Of The WorldLyrics
  8. New Year's DayLyrics
  9. Pride (In The Name Of Love)Lyrics
  10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForLyrics
  11. All I Want Is YouLyrics
  12. DesireLyrics
  13. Staring At The SunLyrics
  14. Sunday Bloody SundayLyrics
  15. Bullet The Blue SkyLyrics
  16. PleaseLyrics
  17. Where The Streets Have No NameLyrics
  18. DiscothequeLyrics
  19. If You Wear That Velvet DressLyrics
  20. With Or Without YouLyrics
  21. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill MeLyrics
  22. Mysterious WaysLyrics
  23. OneLyrics
  24. Wake Up Dead ManLyrics
The DVD version of 'PopMart Live From Mexico City' - giant mirrorball lemon, cocktail stick plus Haring, Warhol and Lichtenstein - was released on September 10th 2007.

Described as a 'sci-fi disco supermarket', the PopMart Tour opened in its 'spiritual home', Las Vegas, on 25th April 1997. 'PopMart Live from Mexico City' was filmed at the Foro Sol Autodromo in Mexico City in December that year and directed by David Mallet. Filmed on analogue video - and originally released on video in 1998 - for its DVD debut it was transferred to a digital format with re-graded pictures, remastered audio and mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound.

The DVD was released in a Standard 1-disc format, featuring the concert, and a Special Limited Edition 2-disc format, the second bonus disc containing unreleased live audio and video material, including documentaries, a PopMart tour visuals montage, and DVD-ROM extras.

Here's the track listing:

Disc One: Pop Muzik / Mofo / I Will Follow / Gone / Even Better Than The Real Thing / Last Night On Earth / Until The End of The World / New Year's Day / Pride (In The Name Of Love) / I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / All I Want Is You / Desire / Staring At The Sun / Sunday Bloody Sunday / Bullet The Blue Sky / Please / Where The Streets Have No Name / Lemon (Perfecto Mix) / Discotheque / If You Wear That Velvet Dress / With Or Without You / Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me / Mysterious Ways / One / Wake Up Dead Man.
Performance from Foro Sol Autodromo, Mexico City, filmed 3rd December 1997. Director : David Mallet Producer : Ned O'Hanlon Executive Producer - Paul McGuinness Show Designer/Director - Willie Williams

Bonus disc (special limited edition format only)

1. Bonus live tracks - Please / Where The Streets Have No Name / Discotheque / If You Wear That Velvet Dress All recorded live at Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam on 18th July 1997.
- Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me / Mysterious Ways / One All recorded live at Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton on 14th June 1997.
2. Bonus video tracks - Staring At The Sun (Miami version) Directed by Morleigh Steinberg - Last Night On Earth - First Night In Hell (Remix version) Directed by John Bland

3. Documentaries - Lemon For Sale - The Road To Sarajevo - A Tour Of The Tour - Last Night On Earth - One Day In Kansas 4. PopMart Tour Visuals Montage Curated by Catherine Owens 5. Extras - DVD-Rom: Weblinks, Wallpapers, Screensavers

Aspect: 4:3 Sound: Disc 1: PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5:1 Surround, DTS 5:1 Surround Bonus Disc: PCM Stereo Duration: Disc 1: 2 hrs 6 mins Bonus Disc: 1 hr 31 mins Language: English Subtitles (Bonus disc only): English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (not including any subtitling of songs) DVD: Disc 1: DVD 9 Bonus Disc: DVD 5
Released Date:
10 September, 2007
Produced By:
Ned O'Hanlon
Director : David Mallet
Polygram Video
Recorded At:
The Foro Sol Autodrome, Mexico City


'PopMart really came into its own when we went south of the border, down Mexico way. Everything started to make more sense down there'

'When we arrived in Mexico, the national radio station changed its name to Pop Radio. There was a feeling in the country that's hard to describe. Everybody knew that w were filming the show, that this was the moment when it was going to be recorded for posterity.'
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when is the blue ray version comming
please release it on a blue ray disk
Popmart is underrated
Pop is an underrated album, and the Popmart tour gets overlooked as well. Just look at that set list! Last Night on Earth is just amazing live. It is so perfect for a large venue because it projects so well, I was really surprised it didn't appear on the 360 tour.
Let me in the sound Let me in the sound
I am a new listener and bought a couple of DVDs recently. I have watched the U2360° so far and today it was time for the Popmart. Jesus!!! What an amazing sound at the very end of "Please"! Until someone got jealous and started to count in to that brutal interruption to Where The Streets Have No Name. Good song as well but it felt like Nooooo, not yet, please! :) This is one of the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Could be a Brian Eno contribution, as I understand by now. Absolutely astonishing and yes, I was stuck on rewind. Am I on the way to be a mad U2 fan? Hmm...maybe :)
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