Another Day

26 February, 1980
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Another Day does not appear on any U2 album. During the February 26, 1980 concert at the National Stadium in Dublin, Bono introduced the song indicating it was their new single on the CBS label and that they would not be on the CBS label much longer. Later that evening U2 were offered a deal by talent scout Bill Stewart of Island Records. This single was released only in Ireland and only in the 7" format. Initial pressings featured the CBS 'sunburst' label and a promo postcard with a black and white photograph of the band on the front and artwork by Bono on the back. An early demo version of Twilight was on the b-side.

Bono provided the artwork and handwritten notes/credits for the sleeve, which included thank you's to Elsie and the [Lypton] Village. Bono's original sleeve artwork was 'cleaned-up' by designer Steve Averill. The face within the balloon image was based on Conrad Vedit's face in the film The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari. In 1982, Another Day, along with the Three EP, 11 O'clock Tick Tock and I Will Follow were re-issued as a 4 x 7" set entitled '4 U2 Play' in Ireland. Although Another Day was originally released on black vinyl, these re-issues came on yellow, orange, and white vinyl.

Producer Chas deWhalley


Released Date:
26 February, 1980
Produced By:
Chas deWhalley
Dave Freely
CBS Ireland
Recorded At:
CBS Studios, London


"The opening bars may sound like others but there's no mistaking Bono's soaring entry - this band already know enough to be different from the pack. They're committed and ready to take a chance, so Another Day is champing, bright and blowing and overflowing with harmonic strength. There's a lot of love on this record - repay it."

Dermot Stokes in Hot Press, Feb 29, 1980

"I remember getting Edge an echo unit and saying, Use this, because this will get us to another place. This will get us outside of the concrete - into the abstract. I just knew that the echo unit would do that. Atmospheres - we were very interested in atmospheric music. Punk started to look incredibly limited. It seemed so...rigid, not just musically, but it started to have a rulebook and codes. And then I remember Joy Division came along, and I really related to that, because of the moods and atmosphere. And David Bowie's "Low" - that was very interesting. That's where we were. So we started with that thing."

Bono, interviewed by John Waters, for the book Race of Angels

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