Original of the Species

18 January, 20061
  1. Original Of The SpeciesLyrics
'I'll give you everything you want
Except the thing that you want
You are the first one of your kind...'

The tenth track from the 2004 album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, 'Original' was released as a promotional single in January 2006 and included in the live DVD, 'Vertigo 2005: Live From Chicago'. A clip from that performance featured in the TV ad launching the first Apple video iPod. Bono has said that this was the best song on the album.
The Irish artist and filmmaker Catherine Owens directed a widely acclaimed animated video for the song which went on to bag a double nomination at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

'U2 are a delight to work with,' she told U2.com. 'They have fantastic imaginations, and are experts at going left when everyone else is going right! We do some very mad fun things while also trying our best to highlight important moments that often get overlooked. In the case of this song, the powerful moment is in the lyrics 'You are the first one of your kind'. No fact could be more meaningful at this time.'
Released Date:
18 January, 2006
Produced By:
Jacknife Lee
Carl Glanville, Robbie Adams and Werner Pensaert
Island Records
Recorded At:


' I wanted to write a song about uniqueness. It's worth remembering that you probably have something the world really needs. Trying to discover what that might be is one of the challenges of life. But one way you will not discover it is by trying to be what you are not.'

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My Favourite
Probably the best song on the album.
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