Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of

29 January, 2001
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'You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight/ These tears are going nowhere, baby...'

A song rooted, lyrically, in the sudden death of Michael Hutchence, Bono has explained that he wrote the words in the form of an argument that he wished he had with his friend about the foolishness of suicide.

The second single from All That You Can't Leave Behind, it went on to win a Grammy in 2002.

Mick Jagger had originally been in the studio to record some backing vocals for the album version of the song and although they didn't feature on the final mix, a few years later, at the 25th anniversary of the Rock'nRoll Hall of Fame in 2009, Jagger teamed up with Bono to perform a live duet of the track.


Released Date:
29 January, 2001
Produced By:
Brian Eno and Danny Lanois
Richard Rainey
Island Records
Recorded At:
HQ, Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Westland Studios and Totally Wired in Dublin, and South of France

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
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