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04 February, 20141
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'The early lyrics were set on a train coming into London for the first time. I remember sleeping in Euston station, being broke... coming out of the subway into the spring of 1979, being 18 years old, it was punk rock in London.'

Produced by Danger Mouse and mixed by Tom Elmhirst, the release of Invisible, on February 2nd 2014, marked the launch of a partnership with (RED) and Bank Of America in the campaign to create an AIDS free generation.

For 36 hours, every time the track was downloaded from iTunes, the Bank made a donation of $1 to (RED) for the Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tubercolosis and Malaria. More than $3m was raised and when the track went on sale, all proceeds from 'Invisible' on iTunes continued to go to (RED) for the Global Fund.

The official video for 'Invisible', directed by Mark Romanek, was shot in black and white, in a Santa Monica airport hangar, over three days in January. With a cast of 1200. And flashlights. A sixty second clip premiered on February 2nd during the Super Bowl, to launch the partnership with (RED).

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Released Date:
04 February, 2014
Produced By:
Danger Mouse
Mixed by Tom Elmhirst
Universal Island Records
Recorded At:
Electric Lady Studios



'We listened to all this extraordinary music in the late Seventies and started to think about those times and the things that made us who we were. We went back to why we wanted to be in a band in the first place. It opened up a whole valve for me writing and it was a dam burst of sorts. Punk rock and electronic [music] was when it started for us. We were listening to the Ramones and Kraftwerk and you can hear both of those things on 'Invisible'.' Bono

'I was writing about leaving home with just enough rage to see it through and this feeling of arriving in London, sleeping in the station and coming out into the punk rock explosion that was happening. There were really wild extraordinary people and then you feel deeply not extraordinary. You feel invisible and you're screaming to be seen and you've got your band and this is your whole life. It's that feeling of getting out of town.' Bono
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Super Title
Is like living into the lyrics. Thank you U2
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