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  1. ZooropaLyrics
  2. BabyfaceLyrics
  3. NumbLyrics
  4. LemonLyrics
  5. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)Lyrics
  6. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed CarLyrics
  7. Some Days Are Better Than OthersLyrics
  8. The First TimeLyrics
  9. Dirty DayLyrics
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Initially intended to be just an EP, Zooropa became a full-fledged album with 10 tracks recorded in six-weeks, the fastest U2 album ever. Interesting releases from around the world included two Australian sets of 2 x 5 CD packs. The first 2 x 5 CD pack included a copy of the Stay (Swing Format) single as the 2nd bonus CD. Virgin Megastore in Adelaide also released the Even Better Than the Real Thing single as their 2nd bonus CD. In Germany, Universal released a 2-CD box set with a copy of both Achtung Baby and Zooropa.
Zooropa reached No.1 in the following countries: Australia, Italy, Sweden, Austria, France, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Holland, Norway, the US, Denmark, Ireland, and Iceland. Zooropa stayed on the charts for 61 weeks in Ireland. It peaked at No.2 in Finland, Portugal, and Spain while reaching No.3 and No.10 in Belgium and Hungary, respectively. In the US, the album was certified multi-platinum by RIAA with 2 million units sold.
U2 won a Grammy for Zooropa as the Best Alternative Album of the Year and the readers of Rolling Stone voted it Best Album.um charts. In the US, it was certified platinum by the RIAA.
Production Credits Produced by: Flood, Brian Eno, and The Edge Mixed and Engineered by: Flood and Robbie Adams Studio: The Factory, Windmill Lane, and Westland Studios, Dublin

Released Date:
05 July, 1993
Produced By:
Flood, Brian Eno, and The Edge
Flood and Robbie Adams
Island Records
Recorded At:
The Factory, Windmill Lane, and Westland Studios, Dublin
Zooropa NEWS

It came out twenty years ago this...

Subscribers Exclusive: The Wanderer live from Nashville...
Newsweek - Zooropa 30 Jun 1993
Zooropa is not the next great U2...
Zooropa is a plugged-in, spaced-out dispatch from...
Zooropa sounds mostly like a band shedding...
More influenced than ever by co-producer-conceptualist Brian...


"It occured to me... look at the history of the band and then the Zooropa album... and looking at the history of The Beatles, and everything they'd done and learned, and then suddenly...Sergeant Pepper, which redefined the whole ballgame, and produced a different language, a different sound. And I think Zooropa achieves a new language for Bono to use - a language that's more his own, that he feels more comfortable with...
And musically, I think, we've defined, or found, a sound that we're entitled to use...It's a record deep with mystery for me.'

Adam speaking to John Waters for Race of Angels

'That's what I want it to be. Legal drugs! Why else would you buy an album these days? Have you read anything by (William) Gibson? It's sort of fucked-up sci-fi. And ('Zooropa') shows you what I mean when I say the textures on this record were very much influenced by what he writes about the future.'

Bono, August 1993.

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2019 - still great
Just finished listening to it on vinyl. Man, that is hell of a record...
this album was released on my birthday... 3 years before i was born. oh well, the date is still special, and its a great album!! :)
Still underrated by some.
Zooropa - the song
This is the only song that truely worked for me on this album. a song you want to turn up to 11. And then that temp and pitch shift in the middle - like pressing the 'turbo' button on that imaginary ferrari that I will never have :-) Dont get me wrong - the other songs do take me to another place - as the other comments suggest - just not to the emotionally elevated place that U2 usually take me. ps:please please can you guys put more videos up with you mucking around in the studio - you have put a couple up on the site over the years - and they are wonderful - as a life long fan, its a real treat to see these. Come back to us soon.
What an amazing album!
Love it!
Sgt. Pepper ?
Have to agree with the bass player here... While 'Achtung Baby' has more 'great' singles, like 'Revolver' it's a mix of what went before and what came after. 'Zooropa' on the other hand, is one of those albums that takes you to another place entirely, from the first to the last track. It's playful and experimental (just love 'Lemon'...), but also dark and emotional too (is 'Dirty Day' their heaviest song ?). For me it's the group's best album but that's coming from an ex-art student who prefers 'Pepper' to 'Revolver' and 'Kid A' to 'OK Computer'. It's also got the best bass lines of any U2 album, right Mr. Clayton ?
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