U2 3-D Dance Mixes

10 April, 2018
  1. When Love Comes To Town (Live From The Kingdom Mix) [Extended Version]Lyrics
  2. God Part II (The Hard Metal Dance Club Mix) [Extended Version]Lyrics
  3. Desire (Hollywood Remix)Lyrics

Marking thirty years from the release of  RATTLE AND HUM our 2018 subscriber special featured a  limited edition 12" vinyl record featuring three dance remixes from the album along with a RATTLE AND HUM gatefold poster and a pair of Anton Corbijn black and white prints from the period.
The 12" vinyl, inspired by an ultra collectable 1989 promo EP from Island Records, features remixes of three classic tracks from the era - When Love Comes To Town, God Part II and Desire.
The 'Live From The Kingdom Mix' of When Love Comes To Town - running to nearly 8 minutes -  includes a 'sermon' by Little Richard while 'The Hard Metal Dance Club Mix' of God Part II (at almost 7 minutes) samples John Lennon's voice and includes the recorded words of Martin Luther King. 

RATTLE AND HUM, a double album produced by Jimmy Iovine, was released on October 10th 1988. A companion set to the Phil Joanou-directed film documenting live performances from the 1987 Joshua Tree tour, the 17 album tracks also included new songs recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis in November 1987.

U2 3-D Dance Mixes Track Listing

When Love Comes To Town (Live From The Kingdom Mix) [Extended Version] – 7:52
God Part II (The Hard Metal Dance Club Mix) [Extended Version] – 6:55
Desire (Hollywood Remix) – 5:23

Released Date:
10 April, 2018
Produced By:
Recorded At:
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