'U2: Live At The Apollo'

14 Apr 202128

'U2: Live At The Apollo'

This double CD set, bookending a beautiful photo booklet, is now in production.

We'll be emailing our 2021 subscribers with news on the first tracks available to download - and estimated dispatch times for the physical release.

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U2 – Live at the Apollo

1. I Will Follow
2. The Electric Co. 
3. Out Of Control 
4. Red Flag Day
5. All Because Of You
6. Vertigo 
7. Elevation
8. Beautiful Day 
9. Pride (In the Name of Love)
10. Get Out Of Your Own Way
11. American Soul
1. Angel of Harlem 
2. Desire
3. When Love Comes To Town 
4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
5. Every Breaking Wave 
6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
7. Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way

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can' t wait too
Great performance
Loved this setlist too
Achtung Baby 2
an idea that's been attacking me this last year of lockdown and outbreak. Why not cut an Achtung Baby followup? never like these days, you need songs that express what we're living in -- claustrophobic -- we live in front of the TV most of the time. Zoo TV more than ever.
Can't wait for this! What a treat!
Yes, sir!
Looks like a kick-ass playlist. Can't wait to get my hands on the physical release! Kind regards from the Netherlands. Tom
Vet Billy
Thank you for all your inspiration throughout the years! Hey Edge please play this for Bono. Lores with us... Vet Billy
So excited for this!!
WOW, what a treat. I am looking so forward to buying this. By the way, are U2 working on a new LP/CD per chance? David Freshman
amazing set
Maybe in vinyl...or just cd. It will be fantastic in double LP... I wish
Tracklisting was a nice birthday gift
That was a nice announcement on my birthday :-) It is a very 'safe' setlist, but it is what it is, and I'm sure I will enjoy listening to it for the rest of my life, as I will my other U2 concert recordings. (I will have to use my other concert registrations for my two and a half year old son to keep joining me singing I Still Haven't Found. That little man's first language is Dutch, but he sings the English fraze I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For while I hold him up dancing. Incidentally this was my dad's fav U2 song too. Three generations of U2 fans.)
Very good
A complete setlist indeed. All 18 songs that were played in The Apollo will be on the double cd. That is very good news.
Great subscription gift
U2´s energy as a live band is always tremendous. I really look forward to the downloads and physical release of this concert. With a mixture of early and more recent material and straightforward rock songs like All Because Of You this is an amazing set list.
I can't wait for the gift! Thanks!
Cant wait
First full concert release??
It looks like this may very well be the first full concert released! Either in audio or dvd/Blu ray format. Without anything omitted. So glad they’re including Red Flag Day and making it two discs instead of just one like I heard they were planning on doing.
thanks for the. whole show!
thankful for red flag day which i only got to hear live in berlin. it would be great to hear the start and restart of every breaking wave but i'm guessing that will be edited out. it was great humor, humanity and humility displayed by bono in that moment
great news
that's cool and yes please we want the dvd and also the joshua tour dvd Thank you u2 for more than 30 years of great sound and happiness regards
Rock the House
Is it true there's no DVD because the place was just shaking SO much the footage all looks like it was shot by a drunken bear? I still can't believe the floor didn't give way.
Good News
Great , when can we expect to be able to download tracks and also dispatch of physical CD ? Cheers
Oh Boy what an intro...
Those opening three tracks from Boy evidence how strong that debut album was and how well it has endured these past 40+ years. They sound as fresh as a new release.
I agree with all the other comments, but I would have loved to see the dvd instead. Hopefully a new album follows soon plus tour. Maybe I'm wishful thinking but...
Captain America Soul is looking for some
Thanks for this guys- a great addition to the Fanclub only releases. Only wish I could have made this show- but Nashville and Atlanta were "as far as I could reach"...
Are out of control by this gift of the boys who play rock and roll, at least they know that the Vertigo Hunter will by this CD. Today I bought over 10 CD’s in the recycling shop De Beurs. I had the CD Achtung Baby in my hand and H.T.D.An A. B. but did them not in my basket. I?am nervous for that next album and We? have to go to Vertigo as Pelgrims for that last U2-concert. Love and light my way to underground Vertigo. Miss You Sugar. Detlev Lassche. .. ... 14:40.
Good news! It's the complete setlist. It should be great also a dvd release...
Great Set List
Nice to see Red Flag Day back in the line-up. Some great live versions there. Looking forward to this a lot.
GREAT tracklist and on CD!!!
This is great news! The full setlist and it's on physical format, cd. Nice to have something new we can look forward too. Thanks u2.com, keep coming with those great gifts.
Beautiful news!
Wow, thank you, U2! I'm really looking forward to this!
Apollo gift
I hope that there will be a DVD of this concert and will be available to all subscribers. Emphasis on the word all.
Can’t wait
Looking forward to this - absolute dream to see U2 in a small indoor venue like that! I guess the CD will have to do!!
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