May 10 2005
Chicago, IL, US / United Center
with Kings of Leon
What a week  in Chicago: a birthday, four shows and live concert shoot.

Miracle City
Introducing 'Miracle Drug' Bono spoke of U2's relationship with their Chicago audiences, reflecting on past and present.
'We don't really look back that much in our music. We don't look at the past but the best bits of our past we try to bring with us.
They're our songs - songs like 'Pride in the Name of Love', songs like 'Sunday Bloody Sunday',  songs like 'Where the Streets Have No Name' - they are the best bits of the past and we'll take them with us.'

Miracle Drug was dedicated to Chicago: 'Because we're interested and we're excited and we have faith in the future. That's where we're headed. So for a city of the future, this is our music...'

Miracle Man
On the first night of filming, the second show in Chicago, Bono spoke eloquently of his love for Chicago and Miles Davis in particular. 
'I fell in love in Chicago. I fell in love in a hotel room in Chicago listening to Miles Davis...didn't understand Miles Davis or how his music could make me feel until I was sitting in this hotel room looking out the window at this city. An Irish boy, 24 years old. And just looking around Chicago I kinda' understood Miles Davis somehow...'

Miracle Girl
Laura wanted to hear 'Party Girl' and got the call up to the elipse stage to play guitar with Bono. Laura went down a storm.  It wasn't the last we'd be seeing of Laura.  For the third show, second night of filming for the live concert DVD, she was back.  Being Bono's birthday, 'Party Girl' was back too and Laura got up and joined the band on stage again to play guitar - as Bono broke open the champagne and sprayed the audience. 'Original of the Species' was also in tonight, dedicated to 'Jojo' - Bono's daughter Jordon  - who shares her dad's birthday.

Miracle Shoot
Two nights of filming for a live concert DVD in the windy city.  Director Hamish Hamilton looked pretty happy after the filming of night two, Chicago show three. And if his previous work with the band - 'Elevation: Live from Boston' and 'U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle' - is any indication, the results will be sensational.

Miracle Encore
Bono explained that 'encore' comes from the Italian 'encora' which means 'again'. Traditionally it means that the most popular number was played again. 'It's what we used to do. We would do it because we didn't have enough songs!'  So Vertigo gets its encore, the final song of a great show.

All Because Of You
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Great Show, but the setlist is in
I was lucky enough to be at all 4 of the Chicago shows in May of 2005. This show, on Bono's 45th birthday, was amazing and also recorded as the May 9th show was for the Vertigo DVD. This was a great show all in all. doesn't have the correct setlist for the show though....although it was almost a repeat of the May 9th show (to keep consistent for the DVD), the encores were different. Above is the May 9th Setlist for May 10th, here is the actual Encore from the show: Zoo Station The Fly Mysterious Ways Party Girl All Because Of You Original of the Species (Not Yahweh - This was recorded and was on the DVD) Vertigo (Not 40) Yes, Vertigo was played twice at the May 10th show. Before ripping into it again, Bono provided the definition of 'Encore' as being "a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience." He also remember to the early years when U2 would be playing a gig and not have enough songs to fill a setlist, so they would repeat songs like "11 O'clock Tick Tock".
8 years ago...
Yeah, the time passes... Now, may 2013, it took 8 years from this wonderfull concert, this wonderfull Bono's birthday, a celebration of his 45 years of age with 23 beautiful songs. Happy brithday again Bono, happy 53 years!!!!!
Happy Birth day Bono
And thanks for the great DVD! miss you sugar! Love and Light, Detlev Lassche, you know my name...
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