Irish Dates

Mar 20 1978
Howth, IE / Community Centre
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4 Nights In Asia
What a trip. Decided it was time to hit the road to cities new and cities familiar. Had never been to Tokyo or Seoul so off we went for an experience that will be hard to beat. From my first sighting in the community centre in Howth to this Asian experience of a lfetime with the greatest live performng act you will ever see. A far cry from that Howth gig from a band whose dreams became reality because they did dare to dream. A long way from the days in Howth and Malahide in the Abbey Tavern and Gibneys. We had a fare few on the road with some nights of few memories but those nights in the arenas will always be remembered. Thank you from an old neighbour in the 70's in Malahide and Howth. Peter Connerton.
Unusual Still
Very strange nobody has commented on this or on the previous two of the first ever gigs. And those earlier comments from those who were not even there it seems. Well I was there in Howth. So am I the first to comment who actually was there.
I was There
Was living up in Woodcliff Heights, Thormanby Road and was persuaded to see this new up and coming band perform in the Community Centre. Raw talent. If only we knew then what we know now........
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