Nov 28 1981
Los Angeles, CA, US / Hollywood Palladium
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This was the THIRD time U2 played LA
To "MNBruin". You said "This was their first US Tour, and the first time they played L.A." Uh, no. U2 played 3 US tours before this fall 1981 appearance at the Palladium. They toured the East Coast in late 1980, and toured in early 1981 as well. For some reason, there is no page on this site for those early 1981 shows. U2 played at The Country Club in Reseda on March 15th, 1981 and at the Woodstock Concert Theatre in Anaheim - a full-in cowboy bar, complete with pool tables and sawdust on the floor - the next night. They returned 2 months later (after KROQ had latched onto "I Will Follow") and played at the Santa Monica Civic on May 13th, 1981.
Found my ticket stub!
Thought this would be fun to add. Can't believe I still have this! This was their first US Tour, and the first time they played L.A.
First of Five Lives
I went with my girlfriend at the time, and then later that night hopped over into the San Fernando Valley to catch X and The Alley Cats at The Country Club. Needless to say, this was one of the best live music nights of my life. Standing with my arms resting on the edge of the stage at the Hollywood Palladium was a little different than sitting with my 14-year-old daughter at the Rose Bowl last month, but quite frankly, the experience didn't lose too much from that wonderful night in November '81.
Hollywood Palladium my 2nd show
This was the 2nd time I saw U2. I walked into the Hollywood Palladium while Romeo Void, of "I might like you better if we slept together" was opening. The show rocked of course. Danced all night on a beer soaked wood floor. This website has the Staples Center as the first Los Angeles show. Can't be true, the Staples Center wasn't built yet. I believe I saw their first show (which was my first U2 show) in LA at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. U2 rocks in small venues and as we all know now, large ones too.
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