Feb 21 1982
Minneapolis, MN, US / First Avenue
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Why I quit playing guitar
This was the first time I saw the band. Little did I know that in just 6 years I would be working with them in Los Angeles on a music video and in1992 be on the road with them shooting One and Wild Horses. life is funny. At the show I saw Edge for the first time and could not figure out how the hell he was making the sounds he was with his guitar. To this day he is the most inovative guitar player in history. From that point on I did not play my guitar very much since I was so frustrated that I could not make mine sound anything like his!!! The show was great. You could tell they would be stars. I have seen that with only a few bands in my life and I have produced hundreds and hundreds of music videos for bands. Bono was the star and he commanded the stage then as he does now. It was the 80's and in minneapolis Price was about to take over the World with his movie which he shot at the same venue First Ave. I wish I had a photo from the show but digital photography was a dream at that point and none of us carried camera's.
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