Mar 20 1982
Providence, RI, US / Alumnae Hall, Brown University
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tina lyons
Where's Tina?
A high school friend surprised me - picked me up in his car and drove me up to Providence, not revealing anything until we walked right into the soundcheck. Bono let me try on that leather vest he used to wear back then - and his hat. he had remembered dancing with me on St. Patrick's Day, in New York, and said he'd be looking for me again. he not only pulled me up during "Eleven O'Clock Tick Tock" (the pull-the-girl-up song back then) but when I did not want to square-dance with him and expressed my desire to "twist" instead, he announced "she wants to Twist!" and launched into "Lets Twist Again" a song that got worked into the live act for a spell. He even introduced me to the audience. I left the stage, but by the time I had returned to my friend, Bono was asking "Where's Tina?" Everyone around me helped get me back up to the front, and onto the small stage, where Bono and I sang "Give Peace a Chance" together. I was carried into Brown University frat parties on strangers' shoulders that night. I have never found any bootlegs of this gig - I might die of embarrassment, but I'd still love to find it.
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