European Festivals 1982

Jul 2 1982
Raskilde, DK / Festival Gronds
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Roskilde Festival 1982
This was my first encounter with U2 and one that made a lasting impression on me. I've been a huge fan ever since that summer day at Roskilde Festival and I've seen the band live numerous times in Europe, North America and South America. Some fans prefer the music they made in the early days and some only know the songs that came out in the end of the last century. Personally I love them all and I admire the band has been able to adapt and reinvent themselves several times over the years. For me there's no doubt that U2 is the best rock band ever and I look forward to the next live venue in Europe in 2018.
I guess this is supposed to be Roskilde Festival?
hello from poland
Now there is no such emotional and full of thoughts of songs. I always only u2. I love all the songs, and I live how I spend days alone in the house and it is just me and the music. The concert really excite me to work and to enjoy life.
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