Dec 11 1982
Deinze, NL / Breilport
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Christmas tour 1982, Belgium
I was 15 years old, my cousin Dirk played guitar in the Angry Voices, the support act. It wasn't even sold out. I remember Bono doing acrobatics, walking on a small ridge on the side walls of the Brielpoort, then juming on the stage curtains and sliding back to the stage. By the way, it's "Brielpoort" and "Deinze" and Belgium, not Netherlands.
U2 in Deinze
My very first U2 gig... went to see with my sister Anne. I taped the concert, then later foolishly threw away the tape. From that night I remember the opening song 'Out of Control' and Bono interrupting 'Electric Co' because of an incident in the front row ('I come from a country where violence is real'). Most wonderful evening, ticket price 360 Belgian francs (some 9 euros)
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