Unforgettable Fire

Sep 4 1984
Sydney, NSW, AU / Entertainment Centre
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First and second U2 Sydney shows
A few remarkable things I remember. First, I went with a mate and in those days, we just lined up and bought tickets at the window at the EntCent on the night, and because we liked them so much, we went a second night of this Sydney show, and bought tickets again! The other thing I remember is how basic the show was (especially compared with say U2360!), Bono with a mike, not much lighting and I recall he said very little. PeterA.
My first U2 show
I was 18 at the time and this show was my first U2 show. I was also at the Airport when U2 touched down in Sydney. I was way up the back but the Sydney Entertainment Centre is quite small so the view was ok. Yes U2 did play Gloria twice. The show was incredible and it hooked me in for the next 26 years. I knew at the time that this young band would be special. I remember the show only cost me about $20. As an Aussie fan I always feel privledged that I was at U2's first Aussie show.
His Bonoship
Gothenburg 1987
My first U2-show was on a rainy night, June 6th 1987 at Eriksberg Shipyard in Gothenburg! Treasures of the night were when Bono sang some snippets from "Rain", The Beatles song, at the beginning and at the end of "I still haven´t found! And a long intro before "Bad" where Bono talked about his friend who apparently was the main influence to that classic song! See you in Horsens! Peter
My first U2 show, and U2's first in Sydney. We had about 30 school mates there in pretty ordinary seats up towards the back....but it still went off! Remember the band playing Gloria (October) a second time due to audio issues - as Bono said...."to get it right this time!". So for a first Sydney show, it was special to hear that track twice at that point in the U2 timeline! Have seen many more shows since all over the world, but this one remains a special memory.
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