Unforgettable Fire

Sep 20 1984
Adelaide, AU / Apollo Entertainment Centre
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My first U2 gig
I was 16 and a group of us hung out at the Apollo stadium for U2 to do soundcheck, we met Edge and Adam, Larry sat in the car, Bono didn't come . I remember we that the floor in front of the stage was standing and we got second row, but the stage was so high, I couldn't see, you could just make out Bono and Edge when they came near the front... It was a brilliant gig, and their first tour of Australia. After the gig we rushed back to their hotel to wait for their return. There was a handful of fans, so when Bono and Edge returned from the gig they sat on the steps of the Adelaide Hilton hotel and chatted and signed autographs. That is the moment that stands out to me even to this day, they took time to talk with us. The first and only time I have ever met them. But such a great memory. Bono still signed his autograph as Bono Vox back then.
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