Unforgettable Fire

Oct 25 1984
Paris, FR / Espace Ballard
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Living and working in Paris in the early eighties , I used to visit a bar near where I worked and play New years Day on the juke box , was delighted to see they were playing in paris and immeadiately bought two tickets , but alas nobody would come with me to the concert . All my friends were in too The Clash, Lou Reed , led Zep and even ZZ Top , nobody was interested in coming to U2. I finally presuaded a young Vitanamise friend Akim Ching to join me for the concert. It was a wet and windy night , and the concert was in a tent , not unlike a circus tent. That night changed my life for ever, Pride moved me to tears .BONO said that this band and this audience deserve better than this place .he was right , they did. But it is a night I weill never forget .
My first u2 show
Ok, it was very long time ago, but I can remember how huge it was. I loved it a lot !
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