Unforgettable Fire

Oct 31 1984
Rotterdam, NL / Sportspalais Ahoy
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martin van der veen
Bigger venues
The first time U2 headlined a big and then famous venue in The Netherlands (Sportpaleis Ahoy in Rotterdam). The first time friends of mine came along to a U2-show; they also went wild. Up untill today I hope that they will return to smaller venues in the future.
My First time
I was living in Rotterdam and decided in the afternoon of that same day I would like to see a concert. Just picked the one from which still tickets where available and so I ended up purchasing tickets at the front desk, walking inside and immediately the band started playing..... Since then U2 is in my life! Last year (2009) I celebrated my 25 years with the band with attending the world tour openings concert in Nou Camp in Barcelona. In those 25 years I enjoyed many shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany, UK, France and Spain. Because of the special memories I have with many U2 songs I know they wrote the "soundtrack of my life....." CU in Brussel & Seville this year!!
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