Unforgettable Fire

Nov 12 1984
Birmingham, GB / NEC
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This was my first U2 gig at the tender age of 16.....very memorable.....right at the front....would love to see any images of the gig
Nice way to spend my 18th birthday, my first U2/Waterboys gigs. The first of many!
Ruth & Sarah
My First U2 Concert
This was the start of it all, my first U2 gig, the Water Boys were the surport act, I have not missed a tour since then. I took my kids to Cardiff last year, as they are also big fans, off to Seville next, for my 40th Birthday present.
victor meldrew
First time I saw U2. The Waterboys as support ! Discovered that night and ever since one of my favourite bands. U2 were incredible. I have seen hundreds of bands in the years since but NEVER anything like that. It was bordering on religious hysteria! People left at the end stunned. I've been to the NEC many times but have never seen anyone "shrink" the place like you were in a small club. The songs, the band, the occasion were just too big for a venue that rarely does anyone any favours. I will never forget it.
U2 virginity lost.
My first concert, The Waterboys alongside, i Knew then that i would see these again!
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