Conspiracy of Hope

Jun 15 1986
E. Rutherford, NJ, US / Giants Stadium
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This was this first U2 show I ever saw
They closed the night -- if you see the performance on youtube our Canadian flag (we bussed down from Montreal in the am) is up near the front.
Bird's eye view!
I was 4 rows from the top of the arena! What a blast - U2 played amazing show- people singing together. then with the help of binoculars( of course) saw 3 blonde heads making their way to the stage, thinking Sting was going to have his black jazz band mates playing with him. Lost my voice screaming the Police!! Been a member of Amnesty International since then!
Amazing Day
What memories....Joan Baez, Miles Davis, Third World, Bryan Adams, Santana (bringiing rain from the clouds with his guitar) Muhammad Ali...and Those wre just the warm ups.....T hen the main courses..Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell...Then U2 rocked the house! Was followed be the Police in thier 'final' concert..(Well we believed it at the time....) Bono back on stage to sing 'Invisible Sun' with Sting......12 hours of joy!
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