Joshua Tree

May 7 1987
Hartford, CT, US / Hartford Civic Center
with Lone Justice
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My favorite tour!
I to "slept" out for these 3 nights. However being second in line the front of New Haven Cutler's record shop, denying Action News to interview me...sorta lied to my job about some toothache(I did have a root canal done the day before ;P). Remember white flags and actual lighters waving all over at the end of the shows!
What a blast!
I too "slept out" for the first time for tickets to these three shows. I remember clearly that the Grateful Dead were live that night inside the Hartford Civic Center and the line wrapped around the building for a "wristband" style sale the next day at 10:00. Back then, pre-internet, you had to actually go to either the venue or to a Ticketmaster retailer which was usually inside a record store. Anyway, my friends and I drove in from Springfield, Mass and got into line about midnight just in time to see (and smell) the deadheads filing out. Our wristband number was never called in the "lottery" but the dude sitting next to us gave us his. We got lucky with that one and then had to wait in another looong line to pay a whopping $37.50 for our tickets... good times. What a blast.
Slept Out for Tickets
I was in college at the time and this was the first time I ever "slept out" for concert tickets. My friend and I arrived at the ticket office at 4:00 AM on Friday morning for tickets that went on sale on Saturday at 10:00 AM. About a hundred fans lined up through the day and night. I was first in line and I remember listening to Redhill Mining Town just before the box office opened - the lyrics "I'm still waiting, I'm hanging on" will forever take me back to that day. We scored seats on the floor for the show and it was FANTASTIC! The show was a couple months later, and I actually left the "Spring Fling" celebration on campus to go to the U2 show instead! A wise choice indeed!!!
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