Joshua Tree

May 13 1987
East Rutherford, NJ, US / Meadowlands Arena
with Lone Justice
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My first show
I will NEVER forget attending this show..My big brother, who had been a U2 fan for years was kind enough to give up his tix so i could go and experience the most spriritual, exciting performance I have ever seen. i was 13 years old and almost jumped out of my skin, seeing the Joshua Tree songs live...Mtv was so exciting back then, I looked forward to every world exclusive video...seeing the U2 documentary...The meadowlands was alive and kicking and will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart...Singing Bullet, Streets, WOWY and of course the long standing 40 all the way out into the parking lot, into the car, out to the turnpike...I am now 36 and have seen every tour since JT...I hope i have kids in the near future, because Iwould love to have them experience the feeling..And one last note, since my big bro gave up his ticket that nite, Every tour since, I have bought him a ticket for a show..I can never thank him enough for letting me have an evening that has truely changed my life...And on my 30th bday, i got The Joshua Tree logo tattoo'd on my lower back...Keep it up Guys..I LOVE YOU ALL!!
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