Joshua Tree

Sep 28 1987
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden
with The Pogues
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Great show, finally released!
It's wonderful that this concert was finally released as part of The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary package in 2017. It's a great show that, apart from the novel addition of a Harlem gospel choir on "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," is fairly representative of their inspirational U.S. shows in 1987.
My first u2 Show
My friend and I snuck in through the bowling alley-we didn't have seats and we gave a security guard 35 bucks to stand just above and side of the stage. Bono had a broken arm and had some heavy dude come on stage to play acoustic guitar. What a great night.
My first U2 USA show.
I remember looking down on the stage from the upper section. Angel of Harlem accompanied by a choir (Harlem gospel choir?) is one song that stand out in my memory. What a great time to be Irish and living in NY. U2 were dominating the airwaves, front page of Time magazine, Rolling Stone etc.
Totally Great show
I am not totally sure which night I attended, but I do believe it was this one. I was working in construction in New York City, and have been a U@ fan since Gordon, my rommmate in college turned me onto them in 1981. They nearly played all the songs from the album that night, and of course added what was for them, "old standards" in their playlist, including "Boy", "Electric Co.", "Out of control", "Gloria" as well as "Bad". Awesome night, totally awesome!
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