Joshua Tree

Oct 1 1987
Montreal, QC, CA / Olympic Stadium
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul, Los Lobos
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Second time around for me
This was my second U2 show, first time was The Unforgettable Fire tour in '85 at the Montreal Forum which holds 20 thousand people and now here they were playing the Big O which holds approx. 70 thousand people. As we all know The Joshua Tree album brought many new fans to the "club" . Being there on the floor close enough to see the sweat dripping down Bono's forehead and yes with his arm in a cast or bandage was just incredible. There is nothing like seeing your favorite band when you can sing along to every song and enjoy every note live in the moment with so many other people that feel the same way it's just magical. There is no religion, no color, no rich or poor, educated or not, gay or straight, for that hour and a half or so we are One!!! After it was over and Bono and the boys left us with 40, we sang it all the way to the Metro station (subway) we were still singing some 15 minutes later, now that is something I will never forget!!!!
October 1st, 1987
I remember this show like it was just yesterday! Little Steven & Los Lobos opened up. Bono had spranded his arm a few days before the Montreal show and was and was bandaged up. They open with Where the Street have no name. Wow the energy was out of this world! I was on the floor and had passed out because I drank a bottle of southern comfort with my buddy. Not a very good idea at 14 yrs old! They passed me threw the crown and ended up on a stretcher facing the right hand side of the stage. I remember Bono looking down at us dumbies on the stretcher and all I could do was try to wave to him. One of me first shows and have never missed them when the came to Montreal. Meet Bono at the Omni hotel and gave him a CD of my band in 2001. He`s one of the nicest and humble famous people I`ve ever meet! Cheers guy and see you in Montreal July 16th & 17th! Mark
One of the best day in my life
Bono came with a broken arm. The show was amazing. - Doesn't Mather if my arm is broken, doesn't Mather 2 arms broken. This is not Las Vegas this is Montréal, Québec ! -Bono I was "front stage" it was very hot. Some girls fall down! Then we passed the gils over our head in direction of the Stage. Then, they was redirected to the back. I mist the chance to play the Guitar with Bono on "People can play" of Rod steward. , he pick a guy in my back left. i was to shy (15 years old) It was the firs of ten U2 show for me. 11 soon. Ok i tell you a secret. Before the show, all the people in front of the stage where sitting down relaxing before it start. So , me and my friend came on the edge of this "sitting line" and then we realize that if we want to be more close of the stage we have to pass through those sitting people. So the time pass and we can feel the tension growing. In my back now, there's more then 1000 human. i'm still at the line, becose in the front everybody still sitting down. 200-300 human. ;-) I know that something gonna happen. I'm in the left side of the stadium. I turn my head and see one guy at the right side of the stadium start to run over the people sitting in front! following by everybody in is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think anymore, i was the first to do the same thing in the left side of the stadium. Following by all the people in my back.... !! I still remember the sound when we hit the stage!!! un son sour de milliers de personnes s'écrasant sur un stage. After that, we where very compress on each other. I find my friend, i can touch is hand but he can't came close to me becose the 3 guy between us are to close and compress. Stange feeling, trust me, i still remember 22 year after. but i was able to touch the stage...and the sky! ;)
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