Joshua Tree

Oct 9 1987
Syracuse, NY, US / Carrier Dome
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul, Los Lobos
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My first show also...
I had absolutely the worst seats for this show. Row ZZ at the Carrier Dome--touch the ceiling heights. I just remember being so glad that Los Lobos was done, doing the wave with thousands of others in the dome. Then, the Beatles song, All You Need is Love, came on . As the volume kept building and building, then all of a sudden the music stopped and they started with that iconic moment with the orange lit backdrop as Where the Streets Have No Name began to build. I still remember my buddy Scott and I dancing our asses off singing "Blown by the wind". At the time, we had no idea that we'd still be checking out U2 shows--but now 22 years later with my kids!
First U2 show for me....
They opened with "Where the Streets Have No Name". Bono emerged with is arm in a sling, a war wound from an earlier show on the tour. Beyond that it was a blur of an amazing time. I remeber during "Pride" I thanked my friend for waiting in line (pre-internet). Awesome!!
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